1 Year Journey – Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia

We left Van Buren this morning and headed toward Tupelo, Mississippi. 

We weighed our rig and we are happy that we don’t need to put our RV on a diet!

I had to stop and add a strap to the new bike cover since it was blowing around a bit more than I was comfortable with (lost one of my bungee cords due to all the flapping).  I also added a bungee cord to hold the kayaks to one another…the tandem kayak was moving around more that I wanted it to. Very stable now!

When disconnecting our tow car, I’m able to leave the bikes on and swing the tow bar upward and strap it to the bike rack:

We are staying at the “Campground at Barnes Crossing” in Tupelo. 

We left Tupelo and headed toward Albany, GA. Alabama is nice. Rolling hills with lots of pine trees.

Our windshield was really plastered with bugs by the end of the day!

We arrived at the Albany RV Resort in Albany, GA.  Really pretty large trees all over!

Very dusty roads in the park. Our diesel engine raditor fans really kicked up a cloud as we drive through…I’m sure people didn’t like that very much, but nothing we could do about it. 

2 thoughts on “1 Year Journey – Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia

  1. Today was sad and happy all at once. So glad you’re “doin it Harry”. But we’ll miss you all, of course. Thankful for Skype and texting!!
    Have a ball!
    We love you all.

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