1 Year Journey – Colorado / Wyoming

Today we drove around Denver and headed north along the Front Range of the Rockies. It was killing me not to stop and drive up to Idaho Springs to show Carla and the kids where I’ve been!  There just wasn’t enough time, since I was working today.  We also want to save that for when we have more time and it’s a little cooler outside. 


Check out this giant bison! Like…REALLY giant! 🙂

We then drove through the lower part of Wyoming on I-80. It’s neat thinking that last year we were in the northwest corner at Yellowstone and this year we entered the southeast corner.

Wyoming has the coolest state sign! They’ve painted it to blend in with the landscape in the background!

It was nice to start seeing some evergreen trees!

​​​We found this dear in the town of Rawlins that looked like it was trying to pull a U-Haul trailer…we all laughed out loud! 


We had fun playing a Cars 3 game!

Tomorrow we head toward Salt Lake City!

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