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1 Year Journey – Indiana to St. Louis to Arkansas

The night before we got our RV back, we took the kids to see the movie “The Star”. We had the entire theater to ourselves, and nice leather recliners! It was a lot of fun!

We got our RV back the next day and it’s in top shape now! We were very glad to get it back. Forest River was great to work with and took care of almost everything on our list (one window needs to be ordered…we didn’t want to wait on that). They even fixed a couple of things we didn’t know about without us even asking! It was the complete opposite of every other part of the RV service center we’ve ever visited.

Moving day! And this isn’t even all of it…got a whole fridge full of food, pillows, etc.

Here is the Forest River factory where they build the coaches. It’s also where they repaired ours. It’s nice having things fixed there because they know everything about them, and parts are usually there or they can get them locally. Our RV was being worked on 30’ from the assembly line!

It took multiple trips to get everything from the hotel back into the RV, and since the hotel was 20 minutes away and we had to be out by 1pm, I moved the RV closer to the hotel as Carla went and loaded up the Jeep again. We met at an old abandoned movie theater in Mishawaka with a nice large parking lot!

And off we go!

We got to see some snow flurries near Chicago, which was neat. It would’ve been neat to see a little more snow. While in Chicago last weekend, we saw a few very small patches of dirty leftover snow by the sidewalk. We laughed that it was the first snow we had seen this winter.

Hello again, St. Louis! It was neat to see it all lit up as we crossed over the Mississippi River into Missouri.

We stayed at the KOA in Eureka, which is just southwest of St. Louis. It’s a clean park. The roads are kind of tight, especially if you are pulling out of a pull through in a big rig.

It happened to be the first night that Santa’s Magical Kingdom was open at Jellystone Park in Eureka, about 3 minutes from the KOA. We hooked up the RV and headed over there. We drove through the lights and the kids loved it!

2 Million lights!

Had to grab lunch at Carl’s Drive in! Man, their burgers and rootbeer are out of this world!

We went to the Arch, since Tripp did not remember going when he was really little. We walked to the Arch from the parking lot at Spaghetti Factory at Lacledes Landing, and it was super cold and windy! They have completely removed the parking garage that was between the landing and the arch. It’s now a nice grassy hill with a few walking trails. Really nice!

When we finally got to the arch, there was a fence around most of it. We found that the south entrance was open so we walked over and barely got tickets in time!

They are currently in the middle of renovating the whole area underneath the Arch. It’s going to look really nice, but right now it’s kind of a mess.

We climbed through the tiny door into our little capsule to head 630 feet up inside the south leg of the Arch.

And back down we go to get in our little capsule.

We then ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory (are you surprised??). We had actually planned to eat at Anthonino’s on the Hill, but we were too hungry and decided to just eat here.

Their new glasses say it all! We decided to keep these glasses to add to our collection since they are a little different than the other ones we have.

Earlier that day, we had splurged and bought a new slot car track! I had been wanting one for many years to replace the Tyco set mom and dad bought me 26 years ago! The kids were always wanting to play with it and the track is always too pitted and rusty for the cars to run smoothly. The cars are also completely worn out.

Knowing how many good memories I have playing with slot car tracks, it was time to get a new set so the kids can have fun with the same kind of toy. We went to Schaefer Hobby, which is a really awesome hobby store in St. Louis.

I also picked up some conversion track so that we can connect the old Tyco slot car track to this new one, at least for the pieces that are still in good shape. I also bought some scenery supplies for the N scale train set that we were in the middle of building when we moved. We can’t wait to finish the train set when we get another house.

We set up a small track in the RV and the boys loved it!

The next morning we loaded up and headed to The Creeks RV and Golf Resort in Cave Springs, AR!

The next blog post will be quite different from all the previous ones…

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