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Journey to Nova Scotia…and Disney World – Part 2

Day 18

We left Disney World and headed north! It felt good to be heading to something new.

There were so many lizards all over the Fort Wilderness campground (or, “wizards”, as Tripp used to call them). This guy rode on my hitch about a mile to the car hookup area.

Another lovebug massacre happened as we headed through Florida! Just a couple days ago I had scrubbed the windshield clean from the last batch of them! 😠

Crossing St. Johns River in Jacksonville:

Goodbye, Florida!

Carla drove us around 300 miles through Georgia to Hardeeville, SC, which isn’t too far from Havana, GA. 

We stayed at Camp Lake Jasper.

Nice RV park that is very clean, has friendly staff, and has a nice lake. You can tell they take pride in keeping their park looking sharp. We stayed in pull through site 23, which has a really large area of grass on the patio side.

We didn’t even unhook the Jeep and just stayed inside for the evening. We watched a couple of episodes of Home Improvement. It was nice to have a low-key day!

Day 19

I snapped a photo of one of the lakeside back-in sites before we headed out:

On the road to Wade, NC!

The lovebug massacre continues…

“South of the Border”, where you can eat in a sombrero at the top of a tower….just south of the North Carolina border.

We arrived at the Fayetteville RV Resort & Cottages in Wade, NC. Nice clean park, but annoying that they route you in through a road with such a sharp corner that you have to unhook your car, which defeats the purpose of a pull through site. Also, the electrical pedestal at the site is placed too far toward the rear and our power cord ould not reach without backing up the RV to the point that our tow car would be in the road if it were hooked up.

This reminds me of the Back to the Future scene where the cord wouldn’t quite reach!

Avin helped hook everything up!

Day 20

Headed up to DC today…more of I-95 (which we’ve been on since Daytona Beach, FL and it runs all the way up to New Brunswick!)

Had some major low clearance warning signs and a height detector that flashes if you are higher than the lowest one over the next 10 miles, and there was a detour if you were. Thankfully, we were under the lowest height!

I think the lowest we saw was 14’2″. We are 12’6″, but man, going under a 14’2″ bridge is freaky!!

I read that the I-95 highway is one of the nation’s first highways (makes sense), and the standard truck height used to be 13’5″, so most bridges were built 14-15′ high. They raised several of them about 10 years ago.

Avin decided to drive us into Virginia!

Notice above that the scenery looks exactly like Arkansas (and every other state between here in there).

Sooo….a few bridges that were 13’10” in Virginia! Pucker factor was high.

As we get closer to DC, we are starting to see some Fall colors!

DC traffic…

The traffic on 495 around DC is so horrible all the time. It’s one big traffic jam and we had to go around half of it. Heck out the GPS below. We had 17 miles to go and it was estimating one hour….that’s 17MPH average for one hour.

We finally got to the Cherry Hill RV Park and wow, it is massive!

After a stressful drive, we decided to go out for dinner and we found a Silver Diner, like the one we had eaten at when we were in a different part of DC not long ago.. Everything we have ever ordered there has been amazing!

We are finally getting into cooler temperatures and we love it!! It was so nice that it wasn’t a hot sweaty job to hook up the RV utilities this evening! Avin helped me again, which was nice!

Day 21

Three weeks on the road so far!

We drove back into the traffic and headed to New Jersey through Baltimore. The traffic was crazy the whole way and we really had to pay attention to road signs. Lots of restrictions (as we heard about and were expecting) and not much time to read the signs, comprehend what they say, and make a fast decision about whether or not we need to change lanes, detour, etc. Very stressful!!

Carla drove us under the Chesapeake Bay through a really long tunnel!


We paid $81 in tolls today! $24, $48, and $9.

I hate tall bridges!!!

Old toll booths!!

We got setup at the Philadelphia South / Clarksboro KOA. Two of the workampers were from Arkansas!

We were going to go to Northlandz, which is the world’s largest model train exhibit, but it was an hour away and we wouldn’t have had time to see it all. Instead, we drove 30 minutes to Philadelphia to see what it was like.

We tracked down the place where the Philly Steak sandwich was created, at Pat’s King of Steaks. It’s in south Philly, but because there was a Phillys game going on there were no parking spaces to be found anywhere!

So, we just drove down one of the streets toward downtown and we saw some really interesting things! We all agreed it looked like we were in another country. Lots of markets, meat hanging up, and barely enough room to drive through. It was weird this is in the USA, just 30 minutes from our campground that feels like it’s in the middle of nowhere!



We had the T tops off the Jeep, which was fun when we were downtown.

On our way back to the RV park, Waze routed is through some neat older New Jersey neighborhoods down near the Delaware River that separates NJ and PA.

Carla pointed out the boxed in front porches on so many houses:

The blue dot is the RV park:

The dogs love the off leash dog area at the KOA:

We took a suggestion from one of the workampers and went to dinner at Charlie Brown’s Steakhouse. They serve amazing German food and the restaurant is SO neat! It’s in a 300 year old building and the inside looks like something out of a movie.

On our way home, the kids were cold so we actually turned the heater on in the Jeep! Loving this weather!!!

Tomorrow, we are headed to Massachusetts!

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