Laptop Storage Shelves

Hey gang,
I work remotely and have a few laptops (work, 2 personal, and a portable monitor) that I needed to store securely while traveling down bumpy roads in our 2016 Itasca Sunstar 35B. I envisioned a set of shelves with padded slots, so I went to work to build one. I had to use super thin plywood to leave enough room for padding and still fit inside one of the overhead cabinets (total of about 8″). I was able to fit 3 laptops and 1 low profile monitor (which is the size of a thin laptop), and it has survived over 1700 miles across the country so far! If you have more vertical space, you could use thicker plywood, but this does the job. The only issue I’ve had is the padding didn’t stick to the plywood due to the type of glue I used (I built this the day before we embarked on a 2 month trip, which are still on as I type this.

I just used wood glue – no nails or screws, since the wood was too thin for that. I was able to use 1 4X4′ piece of thin plywood, so it was super cheap. I bought the padding at Joann’s fabric on sale for about $12, so total cost was about $25.

The lower laptop just sits on the bottom of the RV cabinet with a piece of padding below it.  My portable monitor sits on the top shelf, which doesn’t have very tall sides but it has never bounced off…could be better, but it’s ok for now.

Here are the photos so you can get the idea of how to build a similar one. I’d love to hear from others about similar ways to store laptops.

IMG_0976 (Small)IMG_0977 (Small)IMG_0987 (Small)IMG_0988 (Small)

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