West Coast Adventure – Idaho, Montana

Day 45 – Carla drove from Leavenworth to the east side of the Idaho pan handle.

I was stunned by how gorgeous the scenery is through the north part of Idaho!  Very similar to Washington and Oregon. 

We stayed at a great little RV park Carla found called Blue Anchor RV Park, located in a gold and silver mining town called Osburn.  Really nice and helpful owner, very clean grounds and facilities, wifi is decent, only $31, and we got the last site!  A grocery store is located just down the road, too. 

Day 46 – We headed to Montana today, (the state line was only 15 minutes from the RV park…hah!).  We then drove about 360 miles to Yellowstone’s Edge RV Park, which is only 36 miles from the west entrance to Yellowstone!  We will be driving the Honda to Yellowstone tomorrow – can’t wait!  Glad we were able to finally find an open RV spot.  Carla wants to see a moose and I want to see a bear!  We always hear people say they frequently see both in the park.  The park better not disappoint!!  I plan to wear some bear attractant of some kind. I might put some deli meat in my pockets.

I didn’t realize the Rocky Mountains extended clear up into Montana!  It sure was pretty driving through this part of the state.

4 thoughts on “West Coast Adventure – Idaho, Montana

  1. Lamar valley is beautiful but the southern loop in Yellowstone is my favorite. Will you guys go south through The Tetons?

    1. Hey! I don’t think we will go through the Tetons this time (but we really want to see them sometime and we hear you can spot moose there). We are headed toward Rapid City, SD to see Mt. Rushmore

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