1 Year Journey – It begins!

We left the local RV park in Cave Prings, AR (photo above) to embark on this long-awaited journey!  Our first stop was in Van Buren, AR at Overland RV Park (an hour away) so that we could spend some valuable time with our families before we left the state.

It was really great to see everyone, but hard to say goodbye as we knew it would be. We are already threatening to end the journey early if it’s too hard to be away for months at a time, so we will see how it goes!   That’s the great thing about this lifestyle – we can plan as we go and point the RV in whatever direction we want.

In the morning, we head toward Florida, with our first stop in Tupelo, MS, followed by Albany, GA, and then Starke, FL (near the place where we will be registering our vehicles and getting driver’s licenses if all goes well). 

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