1 Year Journey – Becoming Florida Residents

Today is the day we’ve been waiting for. We are heading to the DMV to register our vehicles and to get our driver’s licenses.  We THINK we have all the necessary papers!  We had a scare last night when we couldn’t locate the registration for the RV for about 30 minutes!

We’ve been documenting the entire process of establishing Florida as our domicile on this blog post.

We drove 30 minutes from Starke to Green Cove Springs (pretty drive) which is where the property assessors office is located within the county where our mailing service resides (We use St. Brendan’s Isle mailing service). 

Our first stop was to go by our mailing service and pick up any mail we had (cheaper than having it mailed to us when we are so close by). It was neat to see all of the mailboxes (bins) inside. 

On to the county offices!

The blue dot on the following image is where we went:

Ok…so the clerk we worked with was super helpful (Christie).  She knew exactly what we were doing and got us as far along in the process as she could.  We now have to wait for our vehicle titles to be transferred to Florida, so we are in limbo for several days (up to 30 days!!)…will update our progress later!

For now, I made my own driver’s license photo, with my favorite shirt!


Update 4/19/2017:  We got our title transferred (took 2 weeks), vehicles registered and our driver’s licenses!


Ok…back to what happened later that day…

We then headed to St. Augustine to spend the afternoon since I was already off work for the day.

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  1. Love the pics! Glad you had a fun day in St. Augustine. We loved that city. Wish we were there too.
    Love you guys,
    Mom and Dad

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