1 Year Journey – Florida – St. Augustine

We escaped the last campground after Carla found us an RV park named Compass RV Park in Saint Augustine, so we are headed back up that direction in search of better Wi-Fi and wider roads!  I had to move our car two times this morning in order for RVs to get through the park. That make 4 times total!

Also, last night one of our air-conditioners froze up. I got on the roof this morning and it looks like the hail storm that passed over us in Cave Springs, AR dented several of the cooling fins two of the three AC units. I will have to straighten those get better air flow. 

I took a quick video showing Carla driving through the KOA, or you can see the rear tag axle steering with the front wheels. It’s kind of hard to see because it’s not a sharp turn.

We arrived at the Compass RV Park and it is great! Very friendly staff (they come to your window when you arrive so you don’t have to go into the office to check in), wide roads,  security gate with card access, decent Wi-Fi with an option to purchase higher-speed access, nice wide sites and very scenic.  We have a walking trail through the woods right behind our RV!  And we are only about 6 miles from the beach. 

Beautiful weather here!!  I love my office. 

Nice trails through the woods right behind the RV sites!

Also, we paid for the faster Internet they offer and it really is better. We are getting around 5Mbps versus The average 1.5Mbps. My connection is a lot more stable now!  Hallelujah! I was about to pull my hair out.

I was in the middle of videotaping my bike ride down one of the trails when it dawned on me that there is a pond on the trail that doesn’t have a fence around it, and it was getting a little dark out. It might be the home of some alligators, and we’ve been told that alligators are very active at night time.  After I realize this, I turned off the camera and rode pretty fast through the woods to get back to the RV​​!  Neat trails, though!

Here are a couple of snapshots of what it looks like when our kids are doing homeschool (some of their work is on a computer and Carla teaches many other parts):

Beautiful night!

We ate at the best Mexican restaurant in the world! Cantina Louie!  The food was amazing! The best Mexican food we’ve ever eaten. 

Tripp found a chip shaped like Florida!  Miami is pretty cheesy…. 🙂

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