1 Year Journey – Florida -WDW EPCOT

We spent a few hours trekking around EPCOT yesterday.  We didn’t have much time to really do a whole lot, but it was fun to see the park for a while anyway!

The kids were excited to meet some characters they had not seen in a few years!

On to the Nemo ride!

They always love the trains in Germany!

Carla and I are looking forward to spending some time in each country, rather than buzzing by each one.

Side note:  We’ve noticed that it takes a lot less time to get to our RV at the KOA campground than it used to take us when using the Disney buses to get to the Disney hotels. We remember how long we would wait in line, completely drained from walking around for hours, hoping for a bus for the resort we were staying at.  It’s actually really nice to just take a parking lot tram to the parking lot, hop in the car, and drive to the campground.  On average, it takes about 25 minutes from the park exit all the way to our RV.  That’s REALLY quick!  We will probably do the same thing even when we are staying inside Disney, except for when we take the boat ride to Magic Kingdom and the monorail to some other areas.  It’s nice being in control of your own transportation and not squeezed into a bus, next to a bunch of hot, sweaty people with crying kids!

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