1 Year Journey – Florida – Killing Time in Orlando

This morning, we checked out of Disney’s Fort Wilderness and broke free from the clutches of the mouse!!  We headed to a Freightliner service center to have a recall part installed for the power steering hose and to have our generator maintenance performed.

We then made a decision to kill time in the Orlando area until we can get into Lazy Days RV for a service appointment on May 29th.  We are having our horrendous Atwood water heater swapped out with a Truma AquaGo Comfort water heater, and this was about the soonest we could get an appointment anywhere in the area who was authorized to install the new water heater.  It’s much hotter in Tampa then it is in Orlando, so we are staying here for the time being!

And now on to the part where I kick myself in the pants….  AFTER we made a sizable donation to “the mouse” ($2200 for 16 nights at Fort Wilderness), We found a great park named Bill Frederick Park that is only $20 per night, has gated entry, is very clean, and is 25 minutes to Disney World.  If they had had 16 nights available, that would have only cost us $320!!  Our Wi-Fi Ranger is not picking up any local free hotspots, so we are on cellular (not really concerned since we have lots ‘o’ GB/mo). The site was not level, but five minutes later I fixed that with leveling blocks. There is a nature trail leading to a beautiful lake visible from our RV (2 minute walk). If we ever decide to come to Disney World / Orlando in our RV again, this is the place I would stay at over any other in this area (provided they have availability!).

We were really looking forward to seeing family and friends in Arkansas next week, and heading to cooler temperatures on the West Coast, so it’s kind of a bummer that we have to stick around for another 2 weeks.  Florida feels like George Costanza’s girlfriend problem (“Every time I think I’m out, they PULL me back in!”). 

We moved to a different spot so that we could stay in this campground for five more nights.  I still can’t get over the fact that it’s only $19 per night!

3 thoughts on “1 Year Journey – Florida – Killing Time in Orlando

  1. Good luck with the service from Lazy Days !I’ve heard not too good comments about that dealer. They look so nice on T.V. !

    1. Yikes! Well, hopefully they can knock out the things we need done. I never seem to have good luck at RV repair shops! They always seem to fix about half of the problems.

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