1 Year Journey – Florida – Wrapping up Orlando

As we come to the end of our time in Orlando, Carla and I celebrated our 14th anniversary this past week!  We happened to be changing RV parks on our actual anniversary, and Tripp was sick that day also, so we didn’t do much to celebrate. The next night we went to Medieval Times, which was really fun!

Carla and Avin spent half a day at Magic Kibgdom one day (the kids love to get 1 on 1 time with us!).  That was the first time on this visit to WDW any of us have gone to a park when it opened.

We then relocated to an RV resort in Lakeland called….well…Lakeland RV Resort!  Good place for only $20/night with our Passport America discount!  It’s about half way between Orlando and Tampa, which are only an hour from one another.

We used some our Hilton points to escape the RV for a night, since it’s so cheap at the RV resort, and drove back into Orlando to see the Blue Man Group!  

We stopped by the Orlando International Premium Outlets (by the way, every outlet mall here has the word “premium” in it), but it was insane!  We’ve never seen a parking lot like that. People were parked all over the grass and roadways around the entire, massive mall!  Every lane had people camped out with their hazard lights on, waiting for someone to get into their car to free up a spot. It’s Memorial Day weekend, so I guess we should have expected that!

After 20 minutes of circling, we gave up and drove to our hotel, which was also frustrating. Because we have kayaks on top of the car, we couldn’t fit into any of the parking garages except for the top level of one garage. Fortunately, there were some spots open on that level ($20 to self park!).  MegaCon (comic book a conference) is happening at our hotel / convention center today, so there are tons and tons of cars here!

Can you find our kayaks?

From our room on the 17th floor, we can see Sea World, The Epcot ball, and the Tower of Terror. 

The hotel has a waterpark with a lazy river, which is really awesome!  Can’t wait to check that out tomorrow. 

The Blue Man Group was unbelievable! We were blown away!!


Tripp and I were drooling over all of the cool skateboards!

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  1. Sorry to see you’re having to spend some “gruelling” time waiting for your RV appointment. Hope you survive it. Glad we don’t have to suffer through all of that. Hang in there. You’ll make it.

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