1 Year Journey – Oregon Part 2

We’ve really enjoyed staying in Newport!  The weather is consistently nice this time of year and there is plenty to see and do.  The Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort is the perfect place to stay.  No complaints whatsoever!

It’s so nice to be able to run down to the beach from out RV whenever we want to!

A few days ago, we went to Ona Beach just a few miles south to look for agates.  Carla found several!

The kids had been wanting to go to The Wax Works and a few other places in the bayfront area, so we made time to do that. 

Well…..Wax Works really freaked the kids out! We don’t blame them… there are some pretty realistic people in there!

We bought a package deal that also included Ripleys Believe It or Not and the Undersea Gardens.  So we did Ripley’s next…freaked the kids out even more!!  I have to say I was a little freaked out myself in a couple of sections. 

The Undersea Gardens were the best part of the package deal.  It was mostly a large aquarium under the surface of the ocean where you could see lots of Dungeoness crabs and some stingrays. We got to see a scuba diver feeding the animals and fish.

Down on the bayfront, there are fishing charter boats where they will take you deep sea fishing, and then they have people that will clean the fish for you when you return. It’s fun to watch them clean what people caught!  The big fish in the pictures below are halibut. 

A lot of people throw crab pots out from the pier also, and the kids really like looking at the crabs up close when they are pulled up out of the water. 

My new kayak carrier came today, so I got that installed. It makes it SO much easier to load the tandem kayak onto the roof of the Jeep, which is much higher than the CRV was.  The arms swing down to the side of the Jeep so you load the kayak onto the rack while it’s on the side and then just push it up on top.  It takes about 40 pounds off the load while lifting the kayak to the roof. 

We just realized our Jeep can pretty much park itself either parallel or perpendicular!

​Here it is backing into a parking spot.  I stopped the video because I didn’t think it was going to make it, but then it corrected itself (the second video below)!  Really neat technology!

Tomorrow, we are going to the Oregon Coast Aquarium.  Tripp is so excited about that!  We are planing to have a fire on the beach tomorrow night as well.

More terrible weather ahead!!! 😛

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is really well done!  Very clean, nice layout, and a good variety of sea life to see.  The kids really liked it a lot!  Tripp was so excited to get to see some big spider crabs and two octopuses.

This spider crab was much larger looking in person!

Avin has been collecting bottles and cans since he found out there is a recycling center built-in to the local Walmart.  After a week of collecting, he collected his cash!

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  1. So sorry things are going so poorly. Hope it picks up and you start enjoying the trip more……haaaaaaa. Doesn’t look possible!
    Great pics, as always. Love the cool scenic shots too.
    Keep ’em coming.
    Love you all.

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