1 Year Journey – Washington Part 1

Couple more pictures from Ona Beach in Oregon (sometimes I forget about pictures taken on other phones that we use):

We are constantly looking for creatures in the water…

This is one of the best parts about being near the beach!  It is so much fun to build a fire on the beach and roast hotdogs and makes s’mores!  It reminds me of when we would do this when I was a kid.

Ok, back to where we were!  We got the Jeep back from Camping World with the new Air Force One brake system installed. They did a great job!

While waiting for the rest of the new brake system to be installed on the RV (it requires an air canister and splicing into the air brake system), we drove to REI and bought a new bike rack that swings out away from the liftgate on the Jeep. We did this because we didn’t think the bikes would fit between the RV and the Jeep like we had been hauling them before with the CRV.

We pretty much set up shop in the REI parking lot doing the bike rack swap!

We then got our RV back from Camping World, with the new tow bar, base plate, and braking system. it looks and works great!!

The little blue coiled airline takes air front of the RV’s air brakes and routes it to the Jeep.

All hooked up and headed to Washington (the border is only about 30 minutes or so away). 

The Jeep towed great behind the RV!  It was as steady as it could be. We didn’t experience the “Jeep wobble” that we had heard about and read about online, so I think that was probably an issue with older models. We simply followed the procedure in the vehicle manual and it worked perfectly!  Is several steps more than the CRV required, but I will make a cheat sheet and stick it on our sunvisor.

We got into Lake Pleasant RV Park late that night (where we stayed last year, and the best park in the Seattle area!).

We will be staying here for one month, except for a couple of nights in Issaquah. 

The new to Thule Hullavator kayak rack is awesome, and a little kayak dolly works great too!

Here’s how I secure the kayaks while we are not hauling them around. 

We were headed to Pike Place Market, but got sidetracked at REI’s flagship store Seattle, which is an amazing place to visit!  I was excited to show Carla and the kids what it was like. 

Sunday morning, we dragged the kids out of bed so we could try to make it to Lil’ Jon’s restaurant before they ran out of cinnamon rolls (we missed them last year). WE MADE IT!!! 

Annnnnnd, we bit off more than we could chew…literally!  They are HUGE!!

Needless to say, we couldn’t come close to finishing the three giant cinnamon rolls. We took two of them home and we weighed one of them.  2 pounds each!!!!  That would be like eating eight 1/4lb burger patties!

We then went down to the Pike Place Market.  Just like last year, parking was really bad.  What’s funny is that we found a spot in the same parking lot as last year!

We found our awesome yellow peaches and Taylor Gold pears!

The kids love the largest shoes in the world. Here is the man who supposedly wore one of the pair on display. 

The kids like Ye Olde Curiosity Shop, but the mummies scare Avin a little…they are pretty creepy. They did have a good selection of really cool spinners!

And of course, we had to eat at Ivar’s!

I’m sure if you look back at the pictures I took last Summer in the West Coast Adventure blog posts, some of these photos will look exactly the same!

We spent one evening at Marymoor Park in Redmond, where we used to play as kids. I love all the huge evergreen trees where the playground is!

Saw this today…so funny! Choices, choices, choices:

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  1. Well the Li’l Jon pictures bring tears to my eyes. I consumed so many of those cinnamon rolls years ago. The memory is burned into my taste buds. Chris Eng even sent me a Li’l Jon ballcap to help keep the memory alive….trying to entice me into another trip back up there. Almost worked, too.
    So glad you guys got to go there.
    Hope you put the crumbs in a doggie bag for me.
    Love you,

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