1 Year Journey – Washington Part 4

After a couple nights at Issaquah Village RV Park, we headed back to Lake Pleasant RV Park in Bothell (we only moved over to Issaquah because Lake Pleasant didn’t have those nights available). I’m glad to be going back, as the I-90 freeway noise here is pretty bad and it gets on your nerves after a couple of days. We could even hear it over our air-conditioners at night!  Other than that, no issues with the park, other than being pricey for what it is.

Funny, this is the second sign of its kind I’ve seen at an RV park (the first was in Florence, OR):

I did a test fit to see if the bikes will fit between the RV and the Jeep when the RV is turning take corners. The Jeep has a more square and taller front end then the CRV had, but it looks like the bikes are going to clear just fine!  We are really glad, because it’s kind of a hassle to have the bikes on the back of the Jeep when you want to load stuff into the back of it.  In the photo below, the towbar is not even fully extended, so there will be more room than this. If needed, we can pull the outer bicycle tires toward the RV with a carabiner. 

We love our boys!  

We love the new spot we have at Lake Pleasant RV park! We are in site 63. It’s a really nice long and wide back inside that backs up to a nice pond.

We went back to Marymoor Park to watch Rogue One!  It is so neat to take our kids to see a Star Wars movie in Washington that they haven’t seen before, because I saw Episode IV in Washington when I was a kid!

Gorgeous night for this!  70° outside!

Unfortunately, there were some noisy people in the back area where we were, which made it hard to hear the movie. We left early…oh well!  Glad the kids will still remember going. 

Sea Kayak!

Ever since I had my first kayak about 20 years ago, I’ve always thought it would be neat to have a fiberglass sea kayak.  Now that we are traveling near the coast and by neat lakes, I’ve wanted one even more!

Lately, I hadbeen considering getting a second tandem kayak so that Tripp has his own cockpit.  Up until now, he has always sat in front of Carla in the solo kayak.  He’s getting taller and the solo kayak is almost impossible for Carla to keep straight.  It’s very short and the slightest paddling on one either side will turn the kayak.  So, in order to go straight ahead, you end up going back-and-forth like a zigzag path.  Of course, this is my super convincing justification to look for an awesome fiberglass sea kayak! 🙂  Soooo….

A new fiberglass tandem kayak is super expensive…like $4000-6000!!  So, off to craigslist I went!

I found a really nice used Seascape tandem sea kayak for sale up on Whidbey Island, so we drove up one afternoon to check it out.  Driving over the Deception Pass bridge was really neat!  I remember walking across this bridge when I was a kid, and throwing an apple core off the edge to watch it fall to the ocean 177′ below. 

So the kayak I found was a fraction of the cost of a new one, and even though it was about nine years old it looked great!   The couple that owned it (really friendly people!) lived right on the ocean in Oak Harbor, and they had kayaked in the ocean with this kayak.  Really neat!  It was fun talking with them, and they even knew about Dennis Company in Raymond (I think they said they had lived between Raymond in Westport).  Their property really reminded me of my granny’s cabin on Eliza Island in the San Juan islands, which really isn’t very far at all from where these people live.  Really tall trees with an awesome view of the ocean.  They are able to see seals and saw a whale last year.  All they were missing were peacocks!  

Their property had a rocky beach and you could launch a kayak from there. How nice would that be?

The sea kayak is 19.5′ long, which makes our other tandem kayak look really small! It’s quite a bit heavier than our other tandem as well.

We drove straight to Pass Lake, which is in the Deception Pass area on Fidalgo Island just a few minutes from the house where we bought the kayak.  I couldn’t wait to try it out!  The red pin shows where the lake is located:

It’s so long!  Compare it to our other tandem in the background.  We will have to be careful not to back into a wall, lightpost, tree, etc., as it hangs off the back about 3-4′. 

I love the fact that it has a flip down rudder you control with your feet.  I’ve always wanted one of those, and it works great!

It was neat kayaking on a lake that is inside an island!


I was shocked at how buoyant it is.  I was able to float in 3″ of water without dragging bottom!  It has a lot of storage capacity for overnight camping on a shoreline, which is something I’ve always wanted to do.  I would love for us to kayak to a secluded shoreline and have a fire on the beach, camp in a tent, etc.  We’ll have to work that in someday…except our camping gear is in our ministorage!

We are going to head to a neat lake in the mountains this weekend to go kayaking, so I’m excited about that!

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  1. Wow…. you will end up with a convoy of a 40 ft RV + a car + a trailer to move your kayaks!!

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