Disney World sans RV

We decided to visit Disney World one more time before our annual passes expire. Because the trip is only going to be a couple of weeks, we decided not to mess with the RV (Dewinterizing, loading, and then the reverse of that). We decided on a Tuesday to go to Disney, and we left on Thursday!

It was much easier and faster to pack just the car and not the RV. With the RV, comes things like bedding, lots of food from the house refrigerator and pantry, toaster, coffee supplies, etc. No big deal if you’re going to be gone for a while. Also, we are thinking of doing more traveling in the car instead of the RV, so this will be a good trial run.

Day 1

We had planned to make it all the way to Atlanta, but stopped short at Tupelo since the kids were really tired and didn’t want to drive anymore (in the RV they could just go lay down). We grabbed a hotel, and it was nice to be off the road.

Day 2

Onward! We got to finally stop at a Buc-ee’s!! We had seen these massive gas stations before, but were always in the RV and couldn’t easily pull in to see one up close. Man, they are HUGE!! I couldn’t even fit the whole thing in one photo:

These next two photos are just the beef jerky section!

They have really good BBQ sandwiched also!


We really tried to get to Disney Springs before everything closed at 11pm, but we ran into bad traffic from a wreck about 40 minutes outside of Lake Buena Vista and just missed it. We had just enough gas to make it to our hotel!

Day 3

The next morning we checked into Disney’s Contemporary hotel! We’ve been to and through the hotel so many times, but never stayed here.

Our room view is awesome!

We got checked in and headed to Magic Kingdom!

First ride was Winnie the Poo!

After a little while at MK, we went to Disney Springs. The temperature screening line was made to wind back and forth many times…took forever to get through the maze!

We then went back to Magic Kingdom for the evening.

The new entrance for It’s a Small World looks really nice! It was boarded up the last time we were here.
Walking through the castle
Back to the hotel – looks neat at night time!

Day 4

We went to Hollywood Studios today, but only rode Toy Story Mania. Lines were really long, maybe due to Spring Break.

We then went to the Mickey and Minnie movie short

We ate at the sci-fi dine in restaurant, which has always been hard to get into. The food was just so so, but it was fun!

Day 5

Such beautiful weather every day! Almost too cool at times. We went back to Hollywood Studios and rode Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway, which is our favorite ride at WDW!

Again, lines were too long for anything else so we left the park and went to a thrift shop in Kissimmee. When we walked in, two Hispanic ladies we’re griping about something and one of them said to the other “It doesn’t take a science rocket to….”. We all heard it and when we got out of ear shot we all started laughing. She meant to say “ it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to…”.

Later today, we went to Disney Springs and had to wait in a long line just to get into the World of Disney store:

The new m&m store opened
Back to the hotel

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