Out West 2021 – Part 3 (Sequoias)

Day 9

Today, we headed to the east side of California so we could see the giant sequoia trees in Kings Canyon National Park. The drive was not for the faint of heart…

It was a beautiful morning to get the RV ready to go! Carla noticed that the giant shrub next to the Jeep is actually a rosemary plant. It’s humongous! There are several of them around the park

Before heading out, we stopped by Rancho San Miguel, which is a Hispanic supermarket that we had been to the last time we were here. We went there to get Old Home English muffins, which we had last time and they were awesome! They happen to have only one pack of them left! We have never been able to find them online for sale.

We got on the road and took Highway 198 east from Highway 101 over to Three Rivers, CA. I did not research this route, and it turned out to be pretty terrifying! I also lost cellular service and could not work, so I drove this leg of the route.

if you look in the photo below, you will see a very thin line going across the mountain range. That is the highway we took. Not fun! Super tight roads with big drop offs, falling rock warnings, narrow road warnings, and steep grades. It is an RVer’s worst nightmare! Didn’t get many photos, especially of the worst sections, because we were too stressed out just keeping the RV on the road. Carla was sick to her stomach,

Notice all all of the tire marks before the turn. And you can’t tell, but on the left is a big drop off!
You feel like you are launching into the sky at times! This was a super steep section.

Had we known how bad the highway was, we would have skipped this segment altogether.

After the mountain section, we were on super flat farmland for a while. Nice break!! In the last 10 mikes to the RV park, the road went up into the mountains again, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as the other mountainous section.

We finally made it to Sequoia Campground and Lodge! It’s a dusty little park, but we had a great pull-in spot facing a creek.

We watched a mama duck try to get her ducklings up the rapids, but it was just too hard for them so she turned back. Really neat to watch! Our cell service is bad up here, so I can’t upload a video of the ducks right now.

We then went to the pool so Tripp could swim.

Day 10

Today was an amazing day! We set out to see the biggest tree in the world and it was well worth it! The tree is named General Sherman, and it lives in Sequoia National Park within the Sierra Nevada mountains south of Yosemite. The drive took us up to 7000 feet with narrow roads on the edge of mountains almost the entire way! I do not like heights, so this was a terrifying drive! It sure was beautiful though!

This is just part of the crazy route to the top!
See the road in this picture? That’s what most of the route was like!
Starting to see huge trees!
We made it to the parking lot for the General Sherman Tree trail. I was glad to be away from the edge of mountains!
Me and my boys!
The tree was a 1/2 mile down a steep trail.
This was the first glimpse of General Sherman. If you look closely you can see people down by it.

And this is where we had a disaster. Avin slipped and fell pretty badly. His knee was scraped up pretty good and was bleeding a lot. We didn’t have any bandaids with us (we had a first aid kit in the truck, which was a steep 1/2 mile away). I only had a tissue and water. We washed it a bit, but it kept bleeding and he was in pain. He and Carla headed back to the truck while Tripp and I went down to see the tree up close. Poor Avin! He was ok with only having seen the tree from that point, and I’m glad he got to at least see it. He left some blood neat General Sherman today!

It’s massive!
We couldn’t get really close to the tree, so it’s actually bigger than it looks in this photo. It’s 35’ across at its base! That’s about as long as our last motorhome!
As we headed back up the trail to the truck, we passed the place where Avin had fallen. The water I poured on his knee had run way down the steep path. It was sad that he and Carla couldn’t see the tree up close! I hope he comes back someday with his kids and can finish the hike down to the tree!
The drive down the mountain was so pretty. The sun was shining lower in the sky so everything was golden (the golden hours of the day, as they say in photography).
I loved driving between these trees!
We stopped off for some photos near this big Sequoia. Avin didn’t want to get out because his knee didn’t feel great. I snapped a few photos of Tripp and we went on down the mountain a bit more. It bothered me that I didn’t have a good photo of Avin and Carla in front of a huge tree, so we turned around at one of the turnouts (a little creepy), and went back to this spot to get more photos with all of us.
I love this photo!
I wedged Carla’s phone into a dead tree for that family photo. 😁
Call me a tree hugger!
Another big tree nearby.
Carla was scaring all of us by walking right up to the edge of a steep drop! We didn’t realize it wasn’t a sheer drop off at first, but it was steep enough that you wouldn’t be able to stop rolling if you did fall.
Back down in the town we are staying in, it’s super hot and dry! It was in the low 60s up at 7,000’!
We ate at a pizza place here in the tiny town of Three Rivers where the RV park is located. It was soo good!!

We ended the day watching the premiere episode of Alone! This season takes place on Grizzly Mountain…what an appropriate place, given the bear warning signs we saw today!

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  1. Holy cow!!! I hate roads like that even in a car (remember Mt. Evans😱😱)
    Glad you got through it safely. Hopefully others will read your blog and avoid it completely.

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