Out West 2021 – Part 9 (Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas)

Day 30

We’ve been gone one month! Today, we headed to Omaha, NE to knock Nebraska off our list. Nebraska is the last remaining state of the lower 48! This is a super exciting day!!!

This was cool to see!
Iowa looks just like Arkansas and so many other states!
Weird sculpture on an overpass

Are you ready for our 49th state????? Here we go!!

The big moment of finishing the last state other than Hawaii!!! Such an unreal feeling!!

We got checked in at the KOA just west of Omaha. Kind of muddy, but ok. Weird that this is likely our last RV park to stay at, at least in this RV.

This was the seventh screw to come loose on this trip. Lots of rough freeways out there!!
We may have had fun at a Goodwill!

Day 31

We made it all the way home today! We had some bad issues this morning with terrible cellular signal during a critical meeting and the RV almost running out of gas, followed by a terrible truckstop experience. But our day was probably better than this guy’s day…

The RV and jeep really needed a bath anyway, so it wasn’t all bad!
This was my office for the critical meeting I had. I was fighting cell signal dropping right when’s meeting began. Long story, but turned out OK.
It was crazy to be backing the motorhome into the driveway for the last time!

Well we did it! 49 states!!!! We are so glad to be home!!!! We are all excited to get to go to our new church again, and here are some other things each of us was excited to do when we got home:

Vernie: Enjoying all the space around the house, seeing the backyard, doing projects around the house, having a big computer monitor and office again, not hooking up / unhooking RV utilities all the time, steady WiFi for work

Carla: Not driving! Taking a bath, sitting in the backyard, getting things ready to sell at her booth

Avin: Playing piano, playing Minecraft on the PC with friends, swimming

Tripp: Swimming, skateboarding, having all his Pokémon cards again

Carla and I are thinking of writing a book on RVing. We’ve driven over 50,000 miles in an RV across every state in the lower 48. We’ve got to experience a lot of really cool things, scary moments, beautiful places, not so beautiful places, met a lot of people, and have learned a lot about RVing. It’s been an incredible experience that I hope our kiddos remember (at least most of) when they grow up. I’m sure we’ll hit the road again in the future, maybe in a car, Jeep, or a different RV someday, but our next major trip we have planned will be Hawaii, the last state we haven’t been to! Until next time, see you later!

2 thoughts on “Out West 2021 – Part 9 (Iowa, Nebraska, Missouri, Arkansas)

  1. Wait what!! I hadn’t seen your posts for awhile and now you’re saying that you had finished the journey!! What about Alaska? Are you going to sell the RV?

    1. Hey Jamie! Sorry for the late reply… Hadn’t seen your message. One of our blog posts covers our trip to Alaska from Seattle via a cruise ship. We sold our RV back in August after we completed the lower 48. That said, we are going to pick up a 4×4 sprinter van tomorrow to continue traveling in a different way!

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