Hawaii! Part 2

Day 4

Off to another good start! 😎
We picked up a Jeep today for the rest of our trip. We decided to try to blend in with a subtle color…
Off to Pearl Harbor!
We took a boat ride to the USS Arizona memorial where you stand above the sunken battleship. Unreal!
Good view of the USS Missouri on the boat ride
This is where one of the massive gun turrets was mounted to

Google maps shows the USS Arizona below us…creepy! About 1000 people died when it was destroyed. They said the temperature got up to 8000° and vaporized most of the crew. Hard to imagine.

We then toured the USS Bowfin submarine, which was really amazing!
We drove up Highway 1 to see the Halona Blowhole. It was a really beautiful drive and reminded us of Big Sur, CA! We couldn’t get over how blue the water looked!
The blowhole is just to the right of the center of the photo.
Who is in hex down into the beach to do some tide pooling and realized it was covered in lava rock from the Koko volcano across the highway! So cool!
Here you can see the huge volcano crater and if you look to the right you will see the black shoreline where we were (Sandy Beach).
One of our Uber drivers had recommended Leonard’s bakery and we happened to come across it on our way back from tide pooling. Really amazing Malasadas, which are like big sugar puff donuts.
On our way back into Waikiki, we drove up this really tall hill where houses were stacked along the hillside. It gave us a great view of Diamond Head volcano crater and the Waikiki skyline.

Day 5

Happy 20th anniversary to us!! It’s crazy to think 20 years ago we were married and headed to St. Louis, and leaving for Jamaica the next day! It’s neat that we are in another tropical location for our anniversary.

We started the day with a yummy breakfast at the Tropics restaurant downstairs.

Avin didn’t want to leave the room this morning ☚ī¸
We’re headed over to the marina to catch a glass bottom boat cruise. It was tons of fun! Not a lot was visible underneath the boat (a few small fish and lots of reef rock, but nothing colorful), but we did see some big sea turtles and dolphins on the surface of the water. It was just fun being out in the water!
Nice view of Diamond Head volcano crater!

We then went to a luau at the hotel!

20 years, baby!! Looking forward to the next 20!! I love you so much!

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