West Coast Adventure – Arkansas to Texas

Today, we began our journey toward the West Coast for a couple of months to avoid the heat and show the boys some exciting things!  We will head west on I-40 from Arkansas toward California.

This photo below required a really long selfie stick! 😀 Thanks, Mom and Dad, for getting that shot!

It’s fun to see the landscape change!

Our tire pressure went up about 13 PSI in the hot weather. It’s nice to have a tire pressure monitoring system to keep an eye on them.

The farther west we drove (within the Central Tome Zone), the later the sunset time became.  It was neat to see it be light so late.

Amarillo Ranch RV Park

Our first stop will be Amarillo Texas at the Amarillo ranch RV park (https://amarilloranch.com).  When we get there, I have to check on the Automatic Transfer Switch, because our generator has stopped producing power couple of times while driving, which prevents us from running the overhead AC units. When it’s around 100° out, you really need those to keep the RV cool, since the RV is essentially a giant black box!

We arrived safe and sound!  It’s SO nice to have no humidity!!  We liked the RV park. Very clean, nice playground, right off the freeway (didn’t notice the noise inside our RV with our AC units going). Would definitely stay here again. The unique thing about this park is that they have a few limousines they use to take guests to a steak house just down the road.  We didn’t do it, but it looked fun!

After a long day of driving, the kids made a beeline for the playground!

The next day, we got up and hit the freeway. The landscape really started to change today!

We stopped at a rest stop for a picnic.

2 thoughts on “West Coast Adventure – Arkansas to Texas

  1. Glad day one was a good one. We’re already enjoying the pics. The blog idea is perfect. Thanks for sharing your adventures. We miss you already.

  2. The tram ride looks wild. No thanks. Love the retro park……looks just like they did “back in our day”. Haaa. Have fun on the steam train to the Canyon. And your mother says stay off the glass skywalk.

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