West Coast Adventure – California Part 2

We spent the evening at Carlsbad State Beach, which is a just a few minutes from our RV site.  There were tons of surfers and spectators so we moved down the beach a bit to have some more space.  We had fun eating SANDwiches and digging up sand crabs that put their feelers out when the surf rolls in. I was able to scoop up 6 of them at once!  So neat. 

Sand crabs in a frisbee:​

Tripp loves to climb on rocks!

The next day we went to La Holla to the Children’s Pool, which is an area of the ocean that is protected from waves by a big sea wall that was built over 70 years ago. Sea Lions and Seals are known to hang out there, and it was so much fun to see a few of them as well as big waves crashing against the sea wall (kind of creepy!). 

We then headed to the San Diego Model Train Museum in Balboa Park. The kids loved it, but we wished there were more trains running. 

After that, we went down to Seaport Village for a while. Lots of sailboats out!

We ended the day at Mission Beach where I bought a skateboard when I was 14 years old. I thought it would be cool to have the kids ride their skateboard and scooter down the same path I rode my skateboard 28 years ago! Wow, now I feel old!

This is the surf shop where I bought my skateboard in 8th grade. They don’t have as many skateboards now, but still neat to go inside. Tripp and I both found skateboards we wanted, but we decided to be happy with the boards we have! 🤘🏻

After work the next day, we went to Cardiff State Beach to do some “tidepooling”.  We found some neat creatures!

The dropped pin below is exactly where we were, except the tide was out of course!

Muscles everywhere, and sharp!  I was nervous the kids would slip and fall on them when the tide crashed over the rocks and washed over our legs!

We saw tons of crabs hiding among the muscles:

Tripp saw a fish and a crab in this tidepool:

The kids swam in the pool at the RV resort today and loved it! Later that night, we all took a dip in the hot tub (was only 68F outside!). 

3 thoughts on “West Coast Adventure – California Part 2

  1. Love the pics….and video even! What a great trip you’re all having.” Be careful” (mom)
    Love you all.

  2. Man, what a fun trip for the boys. Love the skating video. Carla, you are so good it looked like a drone shot.

  3. Love the beach/tide pool pictures. So neat. Reminds us of our little boy and girl back in Washington.

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