West Coast Adventure- California Part 3

The next day we headed up the 405 and Hwy 101 just past Santa Barbara to Flying Flags RV Resort.

Welcome to Los Angeles!  We hit the rush hour traffic at its worst and sat through it for what seemed like an eternity.  I can’t imagine why anyone would live where this is your normal commute!

After breaking away from L.A., we saw beautiful views of the ocean alongside Hwy 101.  BUT, just south of Buellton (where the resort is), we hit some VERY strong, warm winds coming down from the mountains toward the coast, and I honestly thought the RV might tip over.  Santa Ana winds?  Possibly. They were about 7 degrees warmer than the air was before the gusts.

If any of our RV neighbors are reading this, I have to apologize for rolling in at 10pm and being noisy. Within a 10 minute period of time when we arrived, I managed to smash my thumb in a car door, Carla gouged her leg and ripped her pant leg on the tow bar, and I knocked our TV’s soundbar off its shelf.  At this rate, we’ll be lucky if we don’t get kicked out of this awesome RV resort!

It was nice and cool when we got here!

Kids did some school work outside today. It has been such nice weather!!  

Definitely jacket weather in the evening. So awesome!

Got the kids into Battleship!  They love it. 

Neat old campers you can stay in:

Tripp lost his other front tooth today!

4 thoughts on “West Coast Adventure- California Part 3

  1. Haaaaaa. Cousin Eddie’s got nothing on you guys and your grand entrance. They probably forgave you this morning though when they saw the Arkansas license plates. Hahahaha.
    Have fun.
    Love, Mom and Dad

  2. Love Buellton….Anderson’s Split Pea soup and Solvang! Sorry about LA traffic, has always been there, and will always be unless more people like you can work from home (even if it is on 4 wheels ..lol)!

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