West Coast Adventure- California Part 4

We headed north on Hwy 101 toward Monterey, stopping at Yanks RV resort in Greenfield. 

Pretty scenery as we pass through Pismo Beach!

Our RV could only do 35mph over the pass up ahead in a steep ascent to 1532′ above sea level:

We saw tons of grape vineyards!

When we got to the resort, it was extremely windy! Roughly a 20 mph wind that doesn’t stop until evenings. They say it starts up around 2 PM each day.  This place is about 50 minutes from Monterey. 

Really pretty backdrop! The resort is pretty new and really well landscaped.

The next day we went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, which was awesome!  

We had to park quite a ways down the road, but there is a path along the ocean that was beautiful and we got to see Harbor Seals climbing up onto the beach!  Note the sweatshirts the kids have on… Kind of cool out!

Cannery Row:

400lb Tuna!

In the video below, I heard one of the fish say, “Hey kids, Big Ben!”

What made the Monterey Bay Aquarium so amazing was that sheer size of the tanks. One of them was over 1,000,000 gallons!

Hey, those aren’t real barnacles!

On the way home from the aquarium, we noticed the Mazda Raceway in Laguna Seca was very close by so we went up the crazy 16% grade hill to the track to look around. Really cool!

The next day we drove to Big Sur to see the giant redwoods along the coast, but due to the wildfires in the area we weren’t able to get into the Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park.

We saw lots of closed roads with firemen and each of the entrances. What you see in these photos is fog, except where it is brown colored in the video. 

Fire on the mountain (sorry for the power lines in the shot):

Creepy…narrow Hwy 1 up high in the fog!

Can’t imagine driving our 37′ RV + tow car around some of these tight turns. No room for error!

We had to get some gas along the highway, and it’s almost like they know there aren’t any other gas stations around! 😬

We did see some large redwoods near the entrance and the views along The Pacific Coast Highway were beautiful! I definitely wouldn’t want to drive our RV along that section of the highway!!

We then stopped by Point Lobos State Park, which is on the ocean side of the highway. Really awesome views of the rocky shoreline!

We got to see harbor seals and sea lions lying on the rocks (so lazy!) and sea otters playing in the water (our favorite). 

Taking it easy this week!  Love working outside!

The kids love going to the pool at the RV resort. They are trying out their lifejackets today.

Another fun evening of riding scooters and bicycles around the resort!  It is so gorgeous here in the evenings.

4 thoughts on “West Coast Adventure- California Part 4

  1. Incredible aquarium! Neat pictures AND VIDEOS. Killer tree….right in town. Love the coast shots. What a nice weekend.

  2. Really great coast hike pics! LOVE the videos too. Sorry about the redwoods though. That calls for a trip back later……?

  3. This is so cool!!! Saw Carla driving the rig…way to go girl!! Kids look like they are having a great time too! Monterrey is one of my favorite places in the world, great aquarium and coastline! Can’t wait till u guys get up here! The Oregon Coast is very beautiful, but mostly 2-lane on Highway 101. We will have room no matter when u get up here! Take your time and enjoy!!

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