West Coast Adventure- Oregon – Canyonville, Florence

oregonIt was nice to start a new state, and Avin took this great picture of the sign as we crossed the border!  Way to go, Avin!  He is a photographer in the making!

The scenery has been beautiful so far.  We stayed for 2 nights at Seven Feathers RV Resort, which is a really nice place.  Great playground, nicely landscaped, plenty of space between the sites, friendly staff, and a shuttle that takes you anywhere 24 hrs/day.  Top notch place!  A similarly named casino is across the highway, and likely owns the RV resort (which explains the shuttle that will gladly take you to the casino 24/7!)

During a lunch break we visited a skate park in Myrtle Creek just a few miles north of our RV resort.

The next day we drove to Florence (right near the ocean and sand dunes), where we stayed at South Jetty RV resort.

IMG_2926 (Small)

It is a little chaotic getting a campsite, because it is first come, first serve and the roads in the park are kind of confusing. We unhooked our car and Carla drove around quickly to try to stake out a spot and then drive our RV to it before anyone else got it. Unfortunately, all of the sewer sites were taken, but we actually like our site better because of the awesome woods that it backs up to. The kids absolutely love it!

The kids really loved the woods!  They’ve never had a chance to play in an old forest like this one, and it really was a lot of fun.  They were sad to have to leave this campsite at the end of our stay.  They really enjoyed spending many hours building forts and running around.  I wish our backyard were filled with huge, old evergreens like this one!

IMG_0184 (Small)IMG_0186 (Small)


It’s crazy that we almost didn’t even camp here when we arrived, since there were no full hookup sites available (meaning, no sewer connection), no wifi, and terrible cell service, but in the end it’s been our favorite site so far!  Such a neat location, good privacy between sites, awesome place for the kids to play, yet close to the fun town of Florence.

While we were here, we walked around the Old Town historic district, which has lots of shops and restaurants on the water.  We got to see a sea lion chasing and eating fish for lunch!!  So cool!

We also made time to ride the big sand dune buggies like I did when I was a kid!  These may be the same buggies that were here when we rode them in the 1980s!

IMG_0286 (Small)IMG_0300 (Small)

IMG_0310 (Small)IMG_0332 (Small)IMG_0334 (Small)

While at the campground, Tripp learned to ride his bike without training wheels!!  Yay, Trippy!!  What’s also neat is that when we took Avin to Seattle when he was a year old, he learned to walk on one of the piers downtown Seattle.  It’s really neat each of them learned to do something in the Pacific Northwest!

IMG_2982 (Small)



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  1. Hope you folks can make the Iowa Berkshire rally. Going to be a lot of fun and would love to meet you all

    1. Hi Dave! Thanks – I hope so too! We are in the middle of making plans to head to the West Coast for the summer and then back to the northeast for the fall, so we have some route planning to do! I will let you know if we are able to make it, though.

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