West Coast Adventure – Oregon – Cannon Beach, Seaside

From Canyonville, we headed north to Cannon Beach, where we stayed at Cannon Beach RV Resort. It’s right across Hwy 101 from the shops and restaurants in Cannon Beach.

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We really like this town and it’s been many years since I was here as a kid!  It finally rained the second day we were here…first time we’ve seen rain since sometime we before we left Arkansas on July 5th!

We immediately headed down to the beach to see Haystack Rock – so cool!

IMG_3022 (Small)

Playing with sand crabs!  The kids liked how they could scoop up a handful of wet sand and plop it on the ground, and sand crabs would crawl out of it and bury themselves back in the sand.

IMG_3015 (Small)

Scoping out the tide pools….going to wait until we can hit it at low tide this Tuesday around lunch time so we can hopefully see some starfish.

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Avin spotted a pizza place in the neat strip of shops and restaurants in Cannon Beach, which served huge slices of pizza!

IMG_3037 (Small)

We ended the day watching the sunset..  The sand was really cold on our feet in the evening!

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The next day we went 20 minutes north to Seaside, where I used to go on family vacations in the early 80s.  They still had the bumper cars, tilt-a-whirl, and putt putt golf course that they had back then!  We rode the bumper cars, but Avin thought they were too rough (and they were…it was really harsh when someone bumped into you….probably the decades old rubber, as these are the same bumper cars that I rode in when I was his age!).

IMG_3057 (Small)IMG_3063 (Small)IMG_3066 (Small)

The next day, we drove to Vancouver, WA to see auntie Karen and uncle Dale!

On our way, we stopped by Roloff Farms in Hillsboro to get a sneak peek of where the TV show is filmed.

It was great to visit with Karen and Dale and eat dinner at the old spaghetti factory.  Avin said that it felt like being home while we were at their house, and they did NOT want to leave!  

The boys loved making watermelon cookies!  What a neat idea!

Spaghetti Factory in Vancouver:

The boys love their coloring books, crayons / pencils, balls, and everything else from auntie Karen and uncle Dale!  They have had a blast with those all day!  Avin has colored 20 pages so far (he wanted me to make that known!).  That was so nice of them to do that for the boys!

As you can also see in the picture, the boys are coloring a map of the states they have traveled in the RV.  It reminds me of Dad’s “worked all states” map from his ham radio days!

After we left the spaghetti factory, we went to Fred Myer (another flashback from when I last went to these stores in the 80s!) in search of the Roloff Farms pumpkin salsa (which is awesome, by the way!).  Two stores later, at 10:30 PM, we located the jars!

Tomorrow, we head to Raymond, WA!  The kids are anxious to color in that state on their maps when our RV crosses the state line. 🙂

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  1. Seaside and the bumper cars….that’s SO great!! And Canon Beach. Wow, that brings back so many good memories of when you were kids. So glad you’re getting to do those things with your family too.
    Love you guys. We miss you but the pics’ videos, Skypes and phone calls help a lot…..well…sort of a lot…

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