West Coast Adventure – Washington – Seattle

Day 40 – We arrived in Seattle!  We stayed at Lake Pleasant RV park in Bothell. Beautiful park!  Terrible Internet and a rude guy at the front desk, but the location is great. We immediately went to the old Spaghetti Factory and walked along the waterfront. Avin was sad that the construction equipment blocked access to the pier where he learned to walk. We did see it from the new Sky Wheel, though!

Even Avin’s Superman had some of the awesome sourdough bread!

I wish our RV park had as many open hot spots available as downtown Seattle has!

Day 41 – we grabbed breakfast at Lil’ Jon’s, but they ran out of cinnamon rolls! Booooo!  They only make 12 each weekday  (what?????) and 60 each weekend day.  Today was Sunday, so I’m not feeling confident we will get one this visit unless one of us drives 30-40 minutes at 6am this Monday or Tuesday!

We then headed to the Pike Place Public Market downtown Seattle. Parking was a little crazy, but we found a spot. 

I always liked this old exhibit:

After that, we drove over to Alki Point and ate at Spud Fish and Chips, where I had eaten as a kid and where we took Avin when he was only 1 year old.  He loved going back there to see where it was, and he even ate at the same table.  Good times!

We then headed to the Ballard Locks and watched a batch of boots pass through after they filled the lock up with water. 

We checked out the fish ladder also, but didn’t see any fish jumping. We did see a couple of salmon jumping out in the open water.

3 thoughts on “West Coast Adventure – Washington – Seattle

  1. It’s so great that you guys are getting to do all the fun stuff we did decades ago with you kids. Glad to see that Superman even got to go to the Spaghetti Factory but sad to see he missed out on Spuds…..and the Joker went instead. Not fair!


    1. The wheel was awesome! We did the one in Myrtle Beach last October and it was identical…neat to have seen both coasts from giant wheels! I freaked out a little the first time I rode one. I’m not crazy about heights! Both wheels are about 200′ high.


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