West Coast Adventure – Washington – Seattle Part 3

Day 43 – Today was our last day in the Seattle area, so we crammed in a few more things while I had the day off. 

We started by going to Gas Works Park to let the kids climb on the big pipes like I did as a kid, and also to watch the seaplanes land in Lake Union.

I even joined in the climbing fun!

We then did something I had been waiting to do for many years!  We took the kids bike riding on the Gilman Trail at Marymoor Park in Redmond.  I’m so glad Tripp learned to ride his bike without training wheels on our way here!

On our way back, Tripp told me about the things he’s going to do it soon as he gets home to our house in Arkansas:

We ended the day by kayaking on Lake Union near downtown Seattle. We didn’t stay out long, because the waves were a little crazy (see the picture below… there were a ton of sailboats out tonight for some reason),  but it felt good to have done it for a little while.  We put in at a tiny chunk of beach not too far from Gas Works Park. 

Here is where we put in:

Sorry the video below has some crackling sounds. It’s because the phone is inside a waterproof pouch.


Let’s hope that ship on the right stays put!

After we loaded up the kayaks, we hunted down the houseboat from Sleepless in Seattle, which was not far away at all.

Tomorrow, we head to Leavenworth for a few days, which means we are headed toward Arkansas!

I officially declare this, the SUMMER OF GEORGE!!

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  1. Glad Trippy is riding so well that you guys could do the bike path. And they got to climb around Gasworks Park too! Kayaking on Union Bay! It just doesn’t get much better. And your plans for the trip home sound fun. Vernie, I think your job is killing you….you better lighten up a little.

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