West Coast Adventure – South Dakota

Day 49- Awesome photo of South Dakota state line!

We spent the night in a Cabela’s parking lot last night (nice change from an RV park)

Today we drive 49 minutes to Mount Rushmore!!  It was a great way to spend my lunch break.

Each head is 60′ high!

Mandatory selfie…do you have any idea how many shots I have like this???

I am SOOO going to strap this on our RV and put it in our circle drive at home!

We stopped at Wall Drug also.  Crazy place!

We stayed at Tower Campground (highly recommend) in Sioux Falls:

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  1. We loved our trip there and it looks like you are loving it too. Great selfie with “them heads” as Annie called them. I even had your mom take a pic of me by that same buffalo!

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