West Coast Adventure- Iowa, Missouri

Day 50 – We drove through Iowa and Missouri. Got these awesome photos of the state line signs (be sure to go back and check the South Dakota sign…even better!)


We drove into a really bad storm and ended up pulling into a Sam’s Club parking lot (the rain was so hard we didn’t even know it was Sam’s!).

Sunnier weather in Missouri:

We are planning to stay at a Walmart tonight in St. Joseph MO as our last stay on this long journey…it’s very exciting I tell you!!  But hey – they do have wifi and a late checkout time, so that’s nice!😀

Tomorrow we land at our house!!  Everyone is excited about being back home for different reasons:

Vernie: home theater, big computer monitors for work, having a desk that doesn’t shake from bumpy highways, not dumping the black and gray water tanks, wifi that always works!

Carla: bath tub, more comfortable bed, a hand flush toilet instead of a foot pedal, our own washer / dryer, and to not be moving all the time!

Avin: big bedroom, all his trains, Legos

Tripp: Legos, stuffed animals, Big bedroom

All of us:  Seeing our families and friends!!!!!!

Our campsite for the last night of our trip!

3 thoughts on “West Coast Adventure- Iowa, Missouri

  1. Yaaaayyyy!!!! Funny, but all legimate reasons to be glad to get home. Cant wait to see you all face to face.

  2. Looks like a successful road trip! Can’t wait till next year! And bring your Mom and Dad~!!
    “There is no place like home” …Dorothy

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