Berkshire Mods

This page contains an updated list of the modifications we made to our Berkshire XLT. 

  • Before we even picked up our RV, we had the dealer install a remote control fan in the bathroom since my wife and kids could not reach the manual push button fan it came with. $600, and well worth it. This fan can be programmed to come on a certain temperatures. You can also reverse the flow to pull air in so that you can turn the kitchen fan to blow air out, creating a nice airflow inside. The fan has a rain sensor built-in so that it will shut the fan off and close the lid if it senses rain. However, if you were taking a hot shower, the steam from the shower can make the fan think it’s raining and it will shut off, so be sure to turn the fan on (I set it to about 50% power) before you take a shower.

Below is where the amount of the remote control, which is removable. Do not mounted here, though, as it will get knocked off frequently when you turn the light switch on and off. 

  • Dishwasher latch to keep the dishwasher from coming open while making right turns

  • Bunk bed shelves for a DVD player and other small things. Still in progress!

  • High flow (2.5gpm) shower head from Lowes
  • Not really a modification, but a great add-on, is a dual hitch receiver that allows our bikes to be stored between the RV and car. 

  • We use a Yardstash XXL bike cover that fits over 2 adult and 2 kids bikes:

  • USB charging station installed in dining table:

  • We replaced the flimsy curtain rod and curtain and the bunkbeds with a pull down the roller shade. They really should have included one. The curtains only got in the way and the rod sad because it was so small. 

  • Traction / grip tape strips applied to the edge of each entry step, as they are very slick when wet (I slipped on the top step and fell all the way down each step to the to the concrete…scraped up and bruised back!). I bought a roll of the traction tape from Home Depot and cut strips to fit.

  • LED lighting underneath the body (look for our blog post about how to install these)

    • Under cabinet lighting in the bathroom (more pics to come)

    • We swapped the RV king mattress for our regular full size king memory foam mattress from our house when we moved into the RV.  It just squeezes in there!  Love our mattress (TempurPedic Cloud Supreme Breeze)!!!
    • Soft close garbage can drawer

    • Under cabinet LED lighting in bathroom (might replace with a single fixture at some point). Makes a great nightlight for the kids, and nice to not have to turn on bright lights when you use the bathroom in the middle of the night!)
    • I replaced the non-dimmable and way too bright reading lights in the bedroom with these dimmable fixtures:
    • I installed a pullout drawer in the kitchen cupboard (left of the microwave):

        • The washing machine p-trap was not blocking gray tank odors from coming into the RV (smelled like rotten eggs), so I blocked off the top of the drain pipe with a 1 1/2″ to 3/4″” reducer and also used tape to help seal the leftover air gap. Works great!!

        • We replace the horrible bunkbed mattresses with custom mattress from They are considerably softer!
        • I removed the relay (plugged into the AC outlet behind the overhead TV) that prevents the overhead TV from being turned on while the RV is being driven (yeah yeah yeah, I don’t want to hear it!).  I also connected a Bluetooth transmitter to our DirecTV receiver so that the kids can watch the overhead TV with headphones while we are driving and I won’t be distracted by the TV sounds.
        • We added a couple of baskets onto the wall to free up cabinet space in the bathroom

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        1. Great additions!! You would think that Forest River would add the lock from the factory!!

        2. Unfortunately they stop selling the exact make and model. If you search online for USB pop up charger, you will probably find several to pick from. Here’s the name and description of what I bought:
          Ahyuan Pulling Pop Up USB Outlet, Tabletop Safe Hidden Outlet

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