1 Year Journey – Florida – New Smyrna Beach

We drove 30 minutes north of our campground to New Smyrna Beach. It’s a really neat, laid-back beach town with a beach you can drive on. 

They were tons of people, but we carved out a little space of our own and attempted to learn how to skimboard!  I can ride a skateboard, but this is much harder!!

Tripp picked it up pretty fast!  Avin tried it once, but had a pretty big fall, flat on his bottom (the sand is really hard), so he decided to wait and try it again later. 

​I fell of quite a bit!  Going to be in pain for a couple of days…

Avin buried Tripp!  Had to leave him there at the end of the day. I think he’ll be OK. Will come back tomorrow with shovels. 

Tripp grilled some awesome burgers for us any the end of the day!

Also, today we met a man named Pete who is staying in the same campground as us, who has worked at launch pad #39 at NASA as a welder, and also for 20 years at Disney World from the time they opened in 1969 until 1982 when they finished Epcot.

Just before leaving the last campground we were at, I met a man named Cisco who has an RV almost identical to ours (Forest River Charleston bunk model with a paint job just like ours). He and his family (4 kids and a dog) live in Charlotte and are seven states shy of traveling to all of the lower 48!  That was inspiring to hear.  At the same campground, we met a couple who were from Baltimore. They told us about a few things we need to be sure and see when we are up in the Northeast.

It’s always fun to meet interesting people during our travels.

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