1 Year Journey – Florida – Kennedy Spce Center

Last night we watched Apollo 13 again (first time for the kids) in preparation for our visit to the Kennedy Space Center. We are super excited!  This will be the 3rd Space Shuttle that Carla and I will have had the opportunity to see (4th if you count the relics at the Johnson Space Center):

  • Shuttle Discovery at National Air and Space Museum in Chantilly, VA (DC area)
  • Shuttle Endeavor at California Science Center in Los Angeles
  • Shuttle Atlantis at Kennedy Soace Center in Cape Canaveral

The kids have seen the Endeavor already, so Atlantis will be their second real shuttle to see.  On our journey to the Northeast, I hope we can see Shuttle Enterprise in New York!

Also exciting is the fact that an Atlas V rocket launch is scheduled for April 18 (Tuesday) at 11am, so we are planning to watch that!  It is an International Space Station resupply mission.

Off to the Kennedy Space Center we go!

No way!!!!  This would be the ultimate motorhome to drive around here!

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