Happy Easter!

He has risen!  He has risen indeed!!!

Sadly, we didn’t get to be with family today, but we tried to make it as much like Easter as possible!

We watched a good Easter sermon by Craig Dyson this morning:

The kids then hunted Easter eggs around the RV, which was a first!

Carla made us a yummy lunch!

I then spent some time straightening the fins on our AC units, as they’ve been freezing up lately and I think it could be due to the fins being bent by hail several weeks ago. 

Here’s what one of our AC units look like this morning when I climbed up and took the top off:

Normally, the kids will ride their bikes or walkwith me to take the trash to the dumpster up toward the front of the park.  Tripp is typically is quite a ways ahead of us.  However, today, the kids didn’t want to go so I went alone. When I got to the front of the park, a 4 foot long black snake slithered across the roadway. That is right where trip would have been if he had been riding his bike ahead of me. Really glad they decided not to go today. I can imagine his reaction and not knowing what to do!

We went for a walk around the RV park tonight. It’s so nice out!!

3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Love the Easter pics and video. Can’t wait to Skype tonight when Minda and family are here. It will ALMOST be like everyone is together.
    And snakes??? Yes….good thing Tripp wasn’t up ahead of you.

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