1 Year Journey – Florida – Avin’s 10th Birthday!

Avin turned 10 today!  Can’t believe it.  He was so excited to wake up, open presents, and head to the park!

First stop, Buzz Lightyear’s Spin-out!  The kids really like this ride!  We read about a secret you can shoot that is right below the giant Zurg toward the end, which gives you 100,000 points every time you hit it!

We then headed to Chef Mickey’s for lunch and character autographs, which was Avin’s choice for his birthday lunch. 

We then took a break and went to print off and sign the closing papers on our house!  It was stressful, because we were waiting to receive the papers via email so that we could print them, sign them and ship them overnight in time for the closing tomorrow. We had to get them notarized as well which was at a different location than where we had to ship them from.  Our initial plan to take our printer with us and print the papers ourselves as soon as we received them did not work out because the laser printer couldn’t get enough power from the power inverter in the car.  We frantically ran into the UPS store and paid to use their computer to download and print the documents. We barely got them shipped out  at the FedEx store down the road with only five minutes to spare before the cut off time. (the UPS store had a notary, and the documents had to be shipped via FedEx, but FedEx didn’t have a notary).  Carla and I decided to write a book about our RV adventure and all of the crazy steps we’ve gone through along the way!  Anyway, as of Wednesday, we no longer own a house….well, one without wheels anyway!

Then, it was back to Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom!

We didn’t quite make it back in time for our FastPass for Peter Pan’s Flight, so we went to the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor for the second time today.  Avin really likes that show and it was actually funnier the second time!  And also a little embarrassing. They always pick on one audience member, and that was me this time around. It’s funny, because I told Carla that they are going to pick on me this time and I was right!  I got the official sticker to prove it:

We also squeezed in another round of buzz light-year spin out.

Avin said it was the best birthday ever, which was great to hear!

One thought on “1 Year Journey – Florida – Avin’s 10th Birthday!

  1. What an AWESOME birthday Avin had! Lucky, lucky boy. Couldn’t get much better for a 10th birthday.
    And, of course, Trippy got to enjoy all the perks too.
    It’s been great tagging along with you guys via all the great pics.
    Love you all!!!

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