1 Year Journey – Florida – More Disney World!

I thought I would post an update with some photos of our time at Disney World.  We’ve been having a lot of fun, and not trying to cram too much in everyday.  Having season passes and having lots of time in Florida makes Disney so much more enjoyable, since you’re not trying to squeeze so much in during a short amount of time.  We spend a few hours in a park (usually evenings when the sun is going down) about every other day.

When we’re not in the parks, we are doing fairly normal, everyday things.  I’ve been working on mounting the kids’ bunkbeds shelves, installed a pullout drawer in a cupboard to make it easier to get to food items, disabled the front / overhead TV’s safety relay that was preventing the TV from powering on while driving (I won’t go into that right now…), and now trying to figure out the best way to mount a new cell signal booster antenna. So…not quite the same kinds of things I would be doing at a regular house, which keeps it interesting!  Carla has been busy teaching the kids, doing the laundry, cooking, cleaning, paying the bills, etc. 

The kids like to play bean bag attack!  Or as I like to call it, “Don’t let those hit the RV!” 

Oh yeah, so our house sold and that is all finished up – what a relief!  We are glad that is over with and that it didn’t take long.

Ok, back to Disney “stuff”!  We are saving a lot of money with season passes. Free parking at each of the parks (we like to drive rather than use Disney busses…much faster and less frustrating), 20% off all store merchandise, and 10-20% off most food places.  That all adds up fast!
On our way to Epcot today, we saw some neat skywriting!  We believe it was the cause of a wreck we passed as well!  Someone rearended a car right when the skywriting was happening. I’m guessing a conversation went something like, “Hey, check that out!!  CRASH!  Ahhh, MAN!!”  

Had to snap this next one fast, as the security guy was about to yell at me:

Avin loves his new Monsters University hat, and hopes it will increase his chances of getting picked to answer a question at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor.  He raises his hand each time (proud of him for trying!), but hasn’t been chosen yet.

Hello from China!

Epcot seems to always consist of bad timing. We end up doing a lot of walking, and not getting to see or so what we were aiming for. Today, Epcot was really crowded, probably because it was Saturday and it was beautiful weather!  Photo below…

Smashing pennies in Norway!

We all loved the Soaceship Earth ride.  The kids liked knowing they’ve now been inside the giant Epcot ball!  As the ride takes you up a steep hill inside the ball, Tripp must have asked me 20 times if the ride goes down a hill really fast!  Nope…goes very slow, but he wasn’t quite believing me until he finally understood that all the cars are connected to one another, so if one goes slow they all go slow.

At the end, the kids got to play some futuristic games. 

Earlier in the week:

So cool seeing Stormtroopers on patrol! “No autographs while on patrol!” 

One night, just Avin and I took the boat over to Magic Kingdom. During the 9pm fireworks show, Avin was looking at the ride wait times and saw the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin had only a 10 minute wait. He asked if we could make it over there before the fireworks ended. We were on the opposite side of the park, but I thought it would be fun to try!  So we ran through the park, dodging crowds of people watching the fireworks.  We were really close to where they launch them from (backside if the castle), so it was like running through a loud war zone!  So crazy and fun, and we made it!!  When we got there, we walked right onto the ride. Such a gtreat memory!  Both of our legs were soar from all that running!

I’ll add more photos to this blog post as we spend the next week and a half in Disney World.

Got me a pirate band (i’m sure Pirates don’t call these bracelets!):

Tripp is on the lookout for Pirates!

Our friends arrived last night and it’s been fun to hang out with them again! The kids are having so much fun!




Avin finally got picked at the monsters University Laugh Floor! He was so excited and is sure his new hat helped! It was so nea!

We reserved the entire Epcot park for ourselves one night… At least that’s what it looks like in this photo!  Love the magic hours…

And thanks to magic hours, we were able to ride the Frozen ride in only 20 minutes, rather than the normal two hour wait!

This is the kind of focus you need to get 614,700 on Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin!

The kids rode this ride eight times yesterday!

They sure had fun with their friends LJ, Abby, and Sarah!

The pastries in France are amazing!  I could eat my way around the entire World Showcase!

The kids had fun looking for hidden Easter eggs around each country.  Each country has one large egg with a Disney character painted on it.  Once you find it you put a sticker on the map for that country. 

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  1. GREAT pics!! I bet the boys are loving having their friends there too. So glad you’re getting to spend SO much time there.

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