1 Year Journey – Kansas

We left Van Buren, Arkansas this morning.  We already miss our families and friends!  It was so good to get to spend a few weeks with them. We will see you all via Skype soon!

Here was the beautiful sunset last night in Van Buren!


We are glad to have our slideout hydraulic system mostly replaced. We sure hope that doesn’t happen again anytime soon!  While in Arkansas, we took the opportunity to clean out the RV and store some things in our ministorage that we didn’t really need or had accumulated while in Florida.  We are really narrowing down the items that we want or need to have with us, and nothing more!

After having our niece Annie make us some awesome coffee and white chocolate hot chocolate, Carla drove us west through Oklahoma and into Kansas.  This is the first time we’ve driven an RV through Kansas, so that is one more state to check off!

We had a lot of fun opening a few of the presents from the awesome bags of goodies that some special people made for us!

We stayed at the Air Capital RV Park in Wichita, which is a nice, clean park with concrete sites.

I was going to grill some chicken on the grill, but it was 95° when we got there!  We decided to eat at a local favorite Mexican place called La Hacienda.  Not bad, but certainly not as good as Cantina Louie (FL) or El Zarape (AR).

We stopped off in Lindsborg so we could drove through part of the town.  It’s a Swiss town in the middle of Kansas that I’ve been wanting to visit.  Unfortunately, there was no obvious place to stop and unhook the car and leave the RV in this tiny town so we will have to come back and stay at the local RV park when the annual festival is happening (and it will be cooler!).  It was neat to see the signs in town, though!

As we drove north out of Wichita, the winds were really strong!  We had to really focus to keep the RV in our lane.  It backed off the closer we got to Colorado on I-70.

See you soon!

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