1 Year Journey – Colorado

Yesterday we crossed over into Colorado.  This is the first time Carla and the kids have been in the state, and one more we can check off on our list of states we’ve taken an RV!

We stayed at the KOA in Limon, about an hour east of Denver.  Tripp and I took some photos this evening.

We are planning to come back to Colorado sometime when it’s cooler and we have more time to explore. For now, we are going to head north around the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains up to Wyoming.

4 thoughts on “1 Year Journey – Colorado

  1. Hi Habersetzer’s, I’m Ulrike Habersetzer, Bavaria, Germany, where the roots of all Habersetzer’s are (maybe…maybe not). Jim told me of your trip. In Germany this would be not possible, here is no home-teaching. I follow your blog, wish you all a happy time – will God travel with you!Ulrike

    1. Hello, Ulrike! Thank you for leaving a comment! I remember making contact with you years ago about an Internet domain I think. Something to do with candles? I can’t remember.

      We are fortunate to be able to homeschool our kids. It gives us a lot of freedom!

      That’s neat you are following your blog! It’s a fun way to keep track of where we’ve been.

      Talk to you later!

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