1 Year Journey – Alaska!

We shipped out of Seattle and headed toward Alaska!

We stored our RV in the cruise ship parking at Lake Pleasant RV park, which has electrical hookups to keep your refrigerator going. 

The electrical posts are shared by several RVs and require you to convert down to 110AC.  It looked a little like a Christmas Vacation setup with everyone’s adapters all jammed in there.  I’m not 100% confident our RV will have power the entire time.  If someone bumps someone else’s connection loose, it can mean a refrigerator full of rotting food waiting for us!

We then headed down to the Bell Street Cruise Terminal downtown Seattle. 

The Norwegian Jewel ship is really nice inside!  We were really impressed with how luxurious it is!  It’s 953 feet long and weighs 186,000,000 pounds!!!!!!

Our room was on the 11th floor and was really spacious. We loved our private balcony!  It was so nice to just step out and look at the scenery anytime we wanted! I could get used to this!!

Both the bathtub and shower had a great view of the ocean!  You could literally take a bath and watch for whales.

The butler brought the kids gummy bears and M&Ms, and cookies!  Just what we need…

Before we even left Seattle, we headed to a restaurant on the top deck and ate dessert!  Now that’s how you start a trip!

Goodbye, Washington!

Avin wasn’t too crazy about how high our balcony was so he didn’t spend much time out there.  Tripp, on the other hand, liked it a little more. 

The kids loved the chocolate fountain where they could have marshmallows dipped in chocolate!

It was borderline warm enough to try out the waterslide.


Glad to see these guys aren’t playing on their phones!

I think this was mount baker in the distance:

The first night, the sky was so clear that we could see a lot of stars from our balcony, but when I went to the upper deck I couldn’t see much due to all the cruise ship lights. Too bad!

Tomorrow, we’ll spend the day at sea, headed toward Ketchikan, AK.

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    1. Hey Jamie! This is a one-week cruise. We are currently out in the open ocean headed south back toward Seattle. We will arrive at Victoria BC tomorrow afternoon and then back to Seattle the next day. Fighting motion sickness today! Lots of big waves out there.

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