1 Year Journey – Washington Part 6

Avin had been seeing the “Ride the Ducks” vehicles around Seattle and wanted to ride them. We finally made time to do that and it was a lot of fun!

We also took some time to see the huge fountain near the space needle.  I remember coming here is a kid.  Tripp loved running around the banked wall. 


On the way out, we tried one of these awesome chocolate covered strawberry kebabs, which were amazing!!!

Tripp’s birthday is soon approaching and he wanted to eat at the space needle on his birthday.  Well, they are closing down the restaurant for renovations a few weeks before his birthday and it won’t reopen until the spring!  We decided to eat there while we could and he loved it!

We surprised him with some balloons and really “cool” ice cream over dry ice!  We quietly sang happy birthday to him. 


I sold our old towbar recently, and it was the most interesting craigslist transactions to date (and I’ve sold a LOT of stuff on craigslist!).  The guy flew to a small airport in Snohomish to meet me.  It was about a 20 minute drive for me in about a 20 minute flight for him. Really nice guy!  What a cool way to sell something. 

While waiting for him to arrive, I got to watch skydivers do their thing. 

So…the sea kayak was short-lived!  It was just too long and too heavy to deal with all the time.  Everywhere we parked, we had to back in so that the tail end of the kayak wasn’t sticking out into the road….like this:

 I decided to list it on craigslist and sold it within a day to this guy:

We are going to buy a second kayak that’s like the first tandem one we had.  It’s much later, shorter, and more durable.  I’m hoping to pick one up in Oregon on our way south toward California so that we don’t have to pay sales tax.

The next few blog posts will be about Alaska.  We are in Skagway, AK right now with a decent cellular signal, so I wanted to finish up this blog post I had started before I post photos and videos of Alaska.  We are having a blast!  So many awesome sites!

See you soon!

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