1 Year Journey – Washington to California

We arrived back in Seattle from the cruise to Alaska. Carla took these really cool photos as the ship was pulling into the port before I was even awake.

We headed back to our house on wheels.  After hooking up the car, we headed south toward California.

Mount Shasta was sure pretty. 

JGW RV Park in Redding, CA:

We made it to Yank’s RV Resort in Greenfield, CA, which is less than an hour to Monterey.  We came here last year and really liked it, so we booked 10 days this time around.  It’s surrounded by lettuce fields and there isn’t much in the town besidesq the absolute essentials, but that’s why we like it there.  It gives us time to not feel like we have to be doing something all the time.  Here is some aerial footage of the resort, which was half empty all the time:


Another reason we like this area is that it’s not too far from Moss Landing, where we kayaked with sea otters, sea lions, and seals last year on Carla’s birthday.  We wanted to do that again this year at some point, so we headed there one day:


We drove over to where we heard the sea lions barking. We were going to kayak there, but the tide was coming in really quickly and the current was a little strong to be crossing.


We did go to Monterey for a weekend to do some tidepooling and walking around at Cannary Row.

We drove toward a Big Sur in hopes of tidepooling at Point Lobos State Park, but the parking lot was completely full.  We drove a couple more miles south along the coast just to see the beautiful views and we actually saw a huge humpback whale!  That makes 34 whales we’ve seen on this trip!  33 humpback whales and one baby gray whale. 

We headed back toward Monterey and stopped at Asilomar State Beach, just south Cannery Row.    I had read about awesome tide pools there, and there certainly were!  We finally found the elusive starfish we had been hunting for!



The water was crystal clear!

The whole area was covered in granite rocks.  Our hiking boots stuck to it really well!

We had a lot of fun seeing tons and tons of hermit crabs.  The kids wanted to take one home, but we weren’t sure how easy they are to take care of.

This one had a rare blue shell!

One thought on “1 Year Journey – Washington to California

  1. The seals and sea lions cracked me up. Sounded like the seagulls in Nemo……mine…mine…mine.
    Also brought back memories of when I was stationed on San Nicholas Island and would go on outings to the west side of the island where hundreds of seals, sea lions and even sea elephants covered the beaches.
    Your family sure has accumulated a ton of great adventure memories. Thanks for sharing them.

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