1 Year Journey – California – Oceanside, San Diego

It took us 10 hours to get from Greenfield to Oceanside!  That should normally take between five and seven hours, but LA traffic was so terrible!  We happened to hit it right at rush hour and I think it took us 2+ hours to get through the city. 

More red than green on the traffic map!

We finally made it to Paradise by the Sea RV Resort in Oceanside.  Really nice place!

We celebrated Tripp’s birthday by going to Legoland!


We took a Lego Ninjago character hone with us!  This is his Halloween costume this year. 

The new LEGO Ninjago movie came out, so Carla found a neat theater for us to go to!

I was a packed theater!!! 😁 Love the swing out tables!!

There is a walkway from the TV park to Buccaneer Beach, so we did that one day. 

The Coaster and Surfliner trains go near the  RV park, but they really aren’t too loud and they stop running around 10pm. We thought it would be fun to take one into Dan Diego and eat at the Old Spaghetti Factory!

Here is what the Coaster looks like (not my photo):

All aboard!!

We got off the train at the Sante Fe station downtown San Diego and walked about 20 minutes to Spaghetti Factory. 

We then walked over to Seaport Village.

Hanging out in the neat Santa Fe train station, waiting to board…

We took the Surfliner back to Oceanside since the Coaster stopped running at 6:30.  The Amtrak Surfliner is a bigger train that goes to LA and back.  It has two levels of seating and a diner car.

We made caramel apples one night.  They were SO GOOD!

We bought a bodyboard and I tried it out at Carlsbad Beach.  It was pretty fun!  The waves were breaking really quickly due to a steep drop off in the sand and they didn’t last long, so you couldn’t ride them very far.  Farther south was another beach (North Ponto Beach) where there were TONS of surfers and bodyboarders and the waves would last a lot longer, but we wanted a less crowded area.  It was a fun Friday afternoon, though!

We ended our time in California by eating Kong’s Fish House, a place we ate at last year and loved.  I had never noticed that Willapa Bay was on their list of places we think they get their seafood from.

Willapa Bay in the images below. 

The food is so good here!!

The next morning we hooked up the car and left California.  It’s been a great summer in the West Coast!  Fall is here and we are excited to be headed to see family and friends again!

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