1 Year Journey – California to Arkansas

We left the West Coast and drove to Arkansas in just three days. 

When you first get on the beginning of I 40 on the west side of the USA, you get to see this sign:

Pretty New Mexico scenery:

We had planned to stay at an RV Park in New Mexico, but when we arrived there were no full hookup sites and our tanks were full and it was late and we were tired…didn’t want to mess with a dump station. There were no Walmart stores nearby, so we spent the night at a rest stop not far from the Texas border, which was a first. It was ok, but woke up a lot from trucks driving through.

We hit the road at sunrise.  Carla did a lot of the driving!

It was good to see this sign after 1500+ miles of driving!

It’s sure been great to see family again!

Next stop in the RV is Elkhart, IN, where we will be without our RV for a couple of weeks for some repairs. 

See you soon!

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