Hitting the Road Again!

After a couple of months living in the house, we already got the itch to hit the road again. It’s nice having all of the extra space, but when it is 3° outside and you know you could be enjoying the sun, watching the surf roll in on the beach, and seeing palm trees everywhere, it’s tempting to hop in the RV and head south. So, for the third year in a row (hard to believe!), we are turning into snowbirds and heading to the Gulf Coast in one week!

Not living in the RV full-time means we can pack a lot less stuff, taking only what we need for we are going. We aren’t going to take the kayaks or bikes either, as we’ve found that we don’t use them as much as on the West Coast.

We have been storing our RV in an enclosed mini storage building with 15A service and enough room to put the slides out, so instead of loading up the RV in our driveway like we used to, we will be making several trips to the storage unit a few miles away. It’s less convenient, but the POA for our neighborhood is really picky about anyone parking an RV in the driveway for more than 24 hours.

We will be trying out a few new RV parks / resorts this time around since some our usual stops were booked up. One is a brand new RV park in Gulf Shores we are looking forward to (Sugar Sands was booked solid). We are also considering parking the RV somewhere in the Orlando area with just an electrical hookup and staying in a Disney World hotel for a week, since Orlando area RV sites approach the same price per night ($75-100).

By the way, the Allstays Pro website (allstays.com) is AWESOME!!! Be sure to get a pro login if you can swing it ($79 for 3 years…not bad). Most RVers already use their great app, but the website is soooo nice to use when planning a trip, especially if you have a good sized monitor. It’s a LOT easier to use than the Good Sam Trip Planner.

So, stay tuned for updates and photos! We will hit the road Friday and have some neat places lined up! Oh man, do we have some packing and preparing to do this week…

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