Gulf Coast Winter 2018 – Arkansas to Orange Beach, AL

It felt good to get the RV out of storage (although, it’s only been there a month!). We parked it at the Creeks Golf and RV Resort in Cave Springs just down the road from our house so that we could get it warmed up, finish loading up everything, etc.

The high was 22° today, but the last couple of mornings were brutal, as you can see below:

Check out the highs for this week in Orlando! Can’t wait to get there in a couple of weeks!

Day 1

We had beautiful weather for our first day on the road as we left the Creeks Golf & RV Resort.

We headed through Memphis, TN and into Mississippi. We found what we think were the dirtiest, most worn out diesel fuel lanes of any truck stop in existence. There was so much oil on every inch of the ground in the whole lane that it was like a skating rink. It’s never fun when the lanes are that dirty, because you end up tracking it in and then have to clean the entry steps.

After one of our stops, we didn’t close the door completely, so we couldn’t lock the deadbolt. Carla and I got into a heated debate about whether or not she could SAFELY open and close it while we were doing 65mph. She was adamant about doing it, but I wanted her to wait until we could pull off the road a few miles away. I could just see her opening the door, it flying wide open (because who knows…there could be some kind of vacuum that sucks the door open despite the air rushing by trying to close it, right??), and then she would be hanging onto the grab handle in a horizontal position with her legs flying in the air while I try to pull over before she tires out and lets go if the handle. That was literally going through my head as a possibility! And she risked losing one of my hiking boots in the process had I not stopped her from doing this with all my might! She may tell you a different version of the story, that’s how it went I tell you!

During another one of our stops at a truck stop, I drove into a massive pothole. It was so big (how big was it??), that all of our spices flew out of the cupboard (which has spring-loaded doors) and hit the counter and floor. What a racket that made!! Biggest pothole I’ve ever driven through. Glad the kids didn’t get hit with anything. A glass basil container busted into pieces….what a mess of basil and glass! Instead of helping clean it up, I decided to take a photo.

Later when we put the kitchen slide out we could hear a couple of small glass chunks getting crushed as the slide went out, but no harm to the floor.

We stayed in Tupelo, MS at the Campground at Barnes Crossing where we stayed last winter on our way to or from the gulf. Someone had taken the RV site they supposedly had saved for us, but we found an even better one (site 30), which is parallel to the road through the campground. No one on either side of us! I messed up and drove to the site in the wrong direction (hook ups on the wrong side). I blame the RV park for no road signage. No big deal….we were able to turn around with a few back and forth moves using a vacant site. I’m sure we entertained some people.

We then took the Jeep to a local car wash because it was so nasty from the diesel exhaust and road spray.

This morning when I dewinterized the RV, I was in a hurry and didn’t drain all of the antifreeze out of the lines properly. So tonight I re-dewinterized (I don’t think that’s a word) it and I think it’s good to go now.

Wow, it sounds like our first day of traveling was rough! It wasn’t all bad…just the interesting parts!

Day 2

The next day we drove the rest of the way to Orange Beach, AL. The car was downhill from the RV when we hooked it up in the morning…crazy tow bar angle!

The kids have been doing great…happy campers, excited to visit Disney World again!

Avin has started back up his conic book writing. He is doing a great job at it and we love reading them!

We are arrived at Pandion Ridge RV Resort, which is a beautiful new RV resort in Orange Beach. There is lots of spacing between the sites, friendly staff, great Wi-Fi, and just a few minutes from the beach. This is definitely our go to RV resort when we come to the Gulf Shores / Orange Beach. area.

We took the kids to see Star Wars: The Last Jedi at a nice theater he had completely to ourselves. I love snowbird season!

Day 3

It rained most of the day so we didn’t really do much. Just work and school! We ate dinner at one of our favorite places here called Bahama Bob’s.

Day 4

Heading to the clubhouse to look for a new water pressure regulator, and some ice cream sandwiches for the kids…

There is a really nice boardwalk through the Cypress woods at the edge of the RV park. I was keeping my eye out for alligators the whole time! It sure was pretty and quiet.

We headed down to the beach that evening. The sand is so white and so fine it’s like sugar.

Day 5

Not much to report on for this day. Avin has had a cold and hasn’t been feeling good, so laying low today. We hope he feels better soon!

Day 6

We spent the late afternoon at the beach, although it was a little chilly! Avin was still feeling cruddy, but he had some fun.

Day 7

Just another day working remotely!

We ate lunch at a Mexican place called El Toro’s in Gulf Shores, which someone recommended to us. It was pretty good!

We spent the evening watching the movie Bedtime Stories, which the kids really liked. Each of the kids built a fort in the RV to watch the movie from. Fun night!

The next day we head to Destin for a week on the beach!

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  1. Still laughing at the mental image of Carla hanging onto the door, flopping in the wind. Glad that didn’t really happen. And we’re glad you’re safe and sound in the tropics again. Have a blast!…….and hurry home…we miss you already.
    Love you
    Mom and dad

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