Gulf Coast Winter 2018 – Destin, FL

Day 8

And, back into Florida we go! We were here seven months ago. Below is where we crossed into the state from Alabama on Hwy 98.

We drove 2 hours over to Destin. On our way there, we got to see a new bridge being built. It was neat to hear them pounding in the piers with a giant ramming machine. As we drove along, you could see the different sections being built.

Destin! Check out the bright teal water!! We saw a school of dolphins swimming right by the bridge as we entered Destin. It was so neat!

We arrived at Camp Gulf, just east of Destin in Miramar Beach. We were here two years ago (“Tour of the Gulf” is the blog post), and are staying here for a week. The people here are really friendly and there are lots of families staying here. It’s so awesome to see the ocean right out our windshield!

The sand is as white as snow!

Sand decontamination station!

It rained the first night we were there, similar to the last time we stayed here. As the water washed sand out from under our leveling jacks, the RV would shift suddenly like an earthquake…just like last time! It’s supposed to rain most of tomorrow as well, but the rest of the week looks nice!

We are thinking of renting a pontoon boat this week and checking out the shallow blue water at Crab Island, and maybe (hopefully) seeing some dolphins up close!Tripp isn’t so sure about the boat idea, so we willsee…

Day 9

These two photos sum up the day pretty well:

But we did go see Paddington 2 that night to get out of the RV for a little while! Once again, we were the only ones in the theater!

Day 10

Our plan to rent a pontoon boat didn’t pan out. The only place that was renting them out this time of year said it was pretty windy and if I didn’t have boating experience (which I don’t), they didn’t recommend we rent one. So, on to plan B, which was to find a dolphin cruise we could go on. That wasn’t looking good either, as most places were either closed for the season or only running their boats on the weekends.

As we were walking along the boardwalk, Carla saw a sign for a dolphin cruise for 4pm today! Until then, we enjoyed some sunshine by the RV.

To the dolphin cruise we went!

Ok, so look at the above photo and then look at this next photo, which was taken 6 months ago in Alaska…crazy how similar the water looks, and the kids with their same jackets on!

Ok, back to Destin…

We then ate at a seafood place recommended by someone on the boat, called Dewey Destin’s Harborside Restaurant, which was really good!

There was a great view of the bay from the restaurant! It reminded us of Circles in Cocoa Beach.

Day 11

It was pretty chilly this morning at 42°. There are almost no waves today. Just a few inches high when they hit the beach. We wish we had our kayaks right now!

Carla spotted dolphins jumping in the water straight out from the RV! It was so cool to see them completely out of the water. There were probably 10 or 15 of them swimming east, and they later came back down the coast.We walked a mile up the beach and back on my lunch break. Beautiful sunset today!

The moon was really bright tonight! The whole beach was lit up. It was better than this picture shows:

Day 12

Another sunny day! I tried looking for the eclipse the moon, but didn’t have the right view of it. Pretty morning sky though!

Our neighbor left today so we have some extra room on one side of us.

Are lunch at a decent Mexican place called Los Rancheros. Neat atmosphere!

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  1. Makes me miss the beach. When I was Avins age we lived right on the beach for about a year. Some of my very best childhood memories.
    Love you,

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