Out West 2021 – Part 2 (Bakersfield, Santa Cruz, Monterey)

Day 6

We are headed to Bakersfield, CA today, hopefully with no disasters, and hoping the RV engine light doesn’t come back on.

We were approaching the California inspection station, where they won’t let you take lots of kinds of fruit into the state, so we ate all of our peaches and pears as quickly as we could!
Ah, the long trek across the Mojave Desert!
It was neat to see some Joshua Trees along the way!
Diesel is pretty expensive in this part of the country right now!
We stayed at the Orange Grove RV resort in Bakersfield, CA. Really nice place and it’s neat that there are orange trees all throughout the park, and orchards next to the park

Today was a really long day! Over eight hours of driving across mostly desert. It really wears on you after a while! We were very grateful that the engine light did not reappear and we had no other issues except for a screw coming out of the front window shade on one of the rough parts of I-40. We ended the night playing Battleship with the kids.

Day 7

Today we drove to Greenfield, CA, where we stayed at Yank’s RV Resort. We’ve stayed here before and it’s one of our favorite RV parks.

We took a detour to avoid construction, which was a mistake. We ended up on a super tight and winding road that went up a steep hill and was next to a drop off on the driver’s side, and a steep hill on the passengers side (that I narrowly missed a few times!). Sitting in traffic would have been a better choice.

We Immediately headed to Santa Cruz to spend the afternoon

In-N-Out Burgers is hiring…crazy what the hourly wages are, and this is just in Salinas, a small town outside of Monterey and Santa Cruz.
Mandatory stop at the Boardroom!
We headed to the Santa Cruz Pier, which was bad timing due to Memorial Day! It was gridlock the closer we got.
Finally made it!
Crowded beach!!
We stopped by Moss Landing on our way back to the RV. This is where we kayaked a few years ago!

We also stopped at the Walmart in Salinas on our way back. Unreal how many isles have items behind glass! Must be a ton of shoplifting in Salinas.

Jewelry even has its own checkout to reduce theft.

Day 8

We spent the day in Monterey! Hey, that rhymed! On our way, we stopped off at Laguna Seca Raceway to see the track, because Tripp didn’t remember it from before. This time was better, though, because we bought a day pass and they told us where to go for the best view of the track. We hiked up an extremely steep dirt path to the top where you can see 95% of the track along with the famous corkscrew turn.

Super steep road up to the top of the hill where the track is located
You can kind of tell how high we are up as can you see the Jeep down below

We then ate at Monterey‘s Fish House, which was absolutely amazing! I can see why this place was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives!

I had wild caught King Salmon from Alaska, and holy smokes it was incredible!
Carla had a tuna steak that was really good!

After that, we headed down Highway 1 toward Big Sur. We didn’t drive all the way there, but stopped off and checked all the amazing view before heading to downtown Monterey.

We then went in a few shops down at Cannery Row, and unfortunately the Monterey Bay Aquarium was already closing for the day

The kids got some jellybeans from “It’s Sugar!”
Fancy new deck of cards!
Carla was on the hunt for sea otters! She loves to watch them play in the water.

After walking around Cannery Row, we set out to re-create the photo below. We drove up and down the coastline near downtown, looking for the exact location where we took this. We had to pay attention to the where the fence was constructed and the buildings in the background because those were our only clues as to where we took the photo!

So the actual fence in the original photo is in the background of this photo, and is now temporarily covered up with lattuce for some reason.

We then did some tidepooling, but the tide was in open so not many tide pools

Tripp kept wanting to go a little farther, and a little farther to see if there were any other tide pools or creatures to be found.
We found a good Mexican restaurant called Jose‘s in Monterey.

3 thoughts on “Out West 2021 – Part 2 (Bakersfield, Santa Cruz, Monterey)

  1. Love the orange groves and the Mojave. Brings back lots of memories of when we lived there when I was 10. We’re glad it’s going well and you’re getting to do all those things. Love you guys.
    Mom and Dad

  2. That’s SO sad about the Walmart there. Glad it hasn’t come to that here.
    And at first it looked like those seals (or sea lions?) on the beach were dead. But, of course, they were just out for a tan. 😂
    Glad you’re getting to enjoy California!
    Mom and Dad

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