Out West 2021 – Part 5 (Newport, Raymond)

Day 13

We made our way to Newport, OR today! We have been looking forward to this for a while! It was neat seeing the landscape change to a more Pacific Northwest look. Love those evergreens!

Shasta Lake
Castle Crags – would love to see these up close someday
Mount Shasta in northern California
We hit just a little bit of rain near Newport. It was nice to see water for a change, compared to the hot, dusty areas we had been. Both the RV and the jeep needed to be rinsed off!
We reserved a really awesome site (#119) at Pacific Shores Motorcoach Resort! It’s a little hard to see in this photo, but you can see the ocean. We can hear the waves from our doorstep!
So much room!
The kids were excited to go to Fred Meyer to look for Pokémon cards (they had heard that they sell them there), and they had some behind the counter!
They have so much fun tearing them open to see which cards they got!

Carla and I took a stroll on the beach. There is a nice path leading from the RV resort down the hill to the beach. The path reminded me of the different paths I walked on as a kid on Eliza Island, when we would pick wild blackberries from the bushes.

It was pretty chilly and started to rain a tiny bit. Totally opposite of the weather we’ve had since we left home!

Day 14

We went to Depoe Bay (whale watching capitol of the world) this afternoon to see if we could spot any whales. No luck, and boy the water was rough! When we were here 4 years ago we say a baby gray whale.

Day 15

Taking the dogs for a walk!

This afternoon we went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. We really liked it the last time we were here, and it was good this time also. It’s small, but nice!

Carla loves Sea Otters! We got to see them up close today and it was really neat! We learned they have two coats of fur.
This guy was scrubbing himself like he was taking a shower.

Upside down Harbor Seal – he kept coming over to the glass to play around.

We walked around the shops in the harbor and then headed back to the RV. I finally took time to wash the filthy truck! It still had little piles of dirt on it from Sedona!

The boys and I walked from the RV down to the beach this evening. It was so nice out!

Day 15

We went to see Karen and Dale in Vancouver, WA today! On our way, near Depoe Bay, we got to see a whale! The scenery was so beautiful where we stopped.

You can see a whale blowing air around 49 seconds into this video
We headed on down the road – love all the trees!!
Bad picture, but that’s Mt. Hood covered in clouds.

We ate at the Old Spaghetti Factory! Too bad Dale couldn’t make it. While waiting for a table, we went to a Goodwill that Karen knew about just down the street.

Tripp doing some kind of lethal ninja move at Karen and Dale’s house (huge Sambuka tree in the background)

Day 16

We drove back to Newport today. Just a normal work day. Getting ready to hit the road tomorrow and head to Raymond. We watched the latest episode of Alone while we eat pie from the Chalet Pie Shop, which was fun!

This is one of our favorite places to eat!

Day 17

We headed north to Raymond, WA today. It was a really dreary, wet day to drive. I had to work, and the cellular signal was really spotty in areas, making it no fun! Highway 101 is super lumpy and bumpy, and in a couple of areas near Newport it was totally washed away and replaced with a new road.

We stopped at the Tillamook Creamery to eat lunch and buy a couple of kinds of ice cream! It had been four years since we were here last and they now have a huge new building. The line to get in was very long! We stood in cold, drizzly weather for about 40 minutes to get into the building. We then stood in another long line to order food. It was neat to see the cheese being packaged, though. The grilled cheese sandwich was awesome, along with tomato soup that had chunks of cheese in it. The fried cheese curds were also really good!

On to more curvy, stressful roads with cars backed up behind us!

We hate these tight tunnels, especially when you meet other big vehicles and you are both hugging the center line to stay away from the walls of the tunnel! It always seems like there’s a little bit of luck involved to avoid a disaster!
The Astoria bridge… my arch nemesis!
The other side of the bridge drops you down onto a floating road to oblivion!
We stayed at the Raymond RV park owned by my Aunt Kelli! We love the massive catamarans! We are always amazed at how big they are!
We met Kelli at the Elks for dinner, where Uncle Gary used to hang out after work.
We had some incredible steaks!

Kelli then took us for a tour on a couple of the incredible boats!

So huge inside!!!
The kids had fun playing with Pokémon cards before going to bed.

Day 18

Today was a really pretty day!

We slept in and then ate lunch at Shiela’s Kountry Kitchen, next door to the Elk’s. Really good food!! We then went to Dennis Company and the public market to shop a little.

Carla was on the hunt for oyster shells, and Kelli was able to get approval for us to get some in South Bend. It’s neat, because Granny used to shuck oyster here! Kelli gave us a few empty kitty litter boxes to use. Well, Kelli and Carla decided Avin and I could handle gathering the oyster shells while they went to a thrift shop! So there Avin and I were…two foreigners filling up buckets of oyster shells from private property. As Kelli and Carla drove off, Kelli said “If anyone asks, tell them Trish said it’s ok”. Surrrre…I’ll tell that to the officer as he’s cuffing me! Hahahah!

Bye. Kelli! We had a lot of fun hanging out! We are headed to Seattle.
Bye, Raymond!
The huge osprey nest is still there as you head toward I-5 from Highway 101!
Olympia bridge
Mt. Rainier is so huge!!
We arrived at Trailer Inns RV Park, which is a glorified parking lot. They put us in a spot that is really made for small trailers and it took a 10 point turn to get the RV parked. It was pretty ridiculous! it was pretty ridiculous! Not looking forward to getting out of here.
One of our first stops was at Taco Time! Love the crispy bean burritos!
Off to find Pokémon cards!

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  1. What an amazing change of scenery! Beautiful beach pics! That’s going to be a great place to spend a few days. Lucky guys! Enjoy!!

  2. Beautiful beach pics. And what a neat aquarium. And you got to see a whale!! And the Spaghetti Factory for dinner. JEALOUS!!
    We’re so glad you’re getting to do all that!
    Love you
    Mom and Dad

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