Out West 2021 – Part 6 (Seattle)

Day 19

I started today waking up earlier than necessary, thinking, “I wonder if Lil’ Jon’s still has cinnamon rolls left. I bet if I leave now I can get some. But I’m so tired. I’ll sleep just a little longer and I bet they will still have some.” 30 minutes later, same thought, back to sleep. By 8:30am, I convinced myself I really need to go get some now or they will be gone for sure. Supposedly, they only make 12 per day on the weekend.

Only 3 minutes from the RV!
Success!! There was a line to get in, but I decided to go straight to the front in order to cinnamon rolls to go. Glad I did! they give you a big cup of icing to pour over them when you get home!
Fork and knife shown for scale
Reminds me of when I was a kid, we would take Dad to work and on the way we would swing by Lil Jon’s to get a cinnamon roll. We would wait in the car where it was warm. 🙂
I’m wearing this shirt in honor of the cinnamon rolls we had today!
Photos of the parking lot…
We drove into Bellevue
Uwajimaya! 😀
Water boilers are popular, and I had never heard of them!
We drove to Alki Point in an attempt to eat at Spud fish and chips, but there were no parking spots for about a mile and we didn’t feel like walking in the rain that far.
People put “love locks” on a fence at Alki Point. They do this over on a fence near the ferry terminal also. Apparently, it’s a big deal to do this in France, too.
We ate at spaghetti factory in Tuckwila instead!
Really yucky day today

Day 20

More rain this morning, but it mostly died off this afternoon. We went to downtown Seattle so we could do the waterfront shops and Pike Place Market. We hit a massive Goodwill store in Seattle that was the size of a Walmart! I scored an old Nikonos camera, lens, and light meter, and an aluminum case all for $7.99 (going for over $200 on eBay)! I then found a brand new Dewalt 2 pack of batteries for $15 ($200 new). I also found a nice cordless Craftsman19.2V hammer drill for $15 (going for $60 on eBay). Carla found lots of good stuff for her booth also. We will be going back!


The next stop was REI…well…parking was terrible all around REI, and our Jeep was too tall to fit in their parking garage. Really frustrating!T

he homeless have overrun lots of Seattle and while trying to find a parking spot we got to watch a man go pee in the bushes.

So we had to miss REI. We then continued on toward the waterfront. Well,,,,parking is so terrible downtown. After lots of circling and doing u-turns, we finally found a spot 1/2 mile from the waterfront shops!

We saw lots of huge jellyfish and a giant crab right along the waterfront where we parked! We had fun watching them.
Walking up the stairs to Pike Place Market
We found a magic shop!! Tripp was super excited (us too)!
Graffiti all along I-5 downtown (for over a mile)

I didn’t get a photo, but it is crazy how many homeless tents are all over downtown. There are large groupings of them under most of the overpasses. Every time I saw one, I couldn’t grab my phone fast enough. Instead, here is a photo that I found online that is like what we saw all over, sometimes in huge groupings under I-5.

And just generally trashy all over. This is across the street from the beautiful REI flagship store downtown. Really sad.

Between the trash, graffiti, homeless tents, smell of marijuana, and terrible parking (and constant drizzle), we really have no desire to go back downtown. We’ve done downtown so many times in the past, and it’s just not like it used to be. It’s the first time ever that the trashiness has killed the fun and excitement of being in Seattle. It’s really sad, because I used to love being here. They need a new mayor!

I can’t wait to get out into the wilderness, which we will be doing tomorrow when we go camping in the woods!

Day 21

We packed the Jeep and headed to Kachess Lake today to tent camp.

The drive down I-90 was sooo pretty!!

What a spot!! Right near the water!!
Avoiding the rain…it wasn’t supposed to rain today!
Everything is so wet now!
Got the annex room put up

Day 22

Well…we didn’t sleep much at all last night! We tried one sleeping layout, but Avin couldn’t stretch out enough so we tried lining all four of us up side by side. That meant less room between each of us, which also wasn’t great, but was better. The mattress was too firm also and made our hips hurt (I bought a foam topper, but we didn’t have enough room to pack it in the truck so we left it back at home in Arkansas). We will have to fix the sleeping situation befor the next trip. Anyway, we got maybe 3 hours of sleep, and finally stayed up at 5:30am. I got a fire going. Avin got up a little while later, but Tripp snoozed on.

Love this place!
We watched the sun come up over the mountain – so pretty!!
Got the solar panel out to help keep the Yeti battery charged. The battery only lost 10% of its capacity overnight since it only had to cool the food 10-15 degrees compared to the temperature outside. It was pretty chilly when we got here yesterday.

We were so tired we went back to sleep for a few hours. Tripp didn’t wake up until we finally got up the second time!

So Avin’s left some of his blood in the Sequoia National Park near the biggest tree in the world, and Tripp lost a tooth so I hid it on a tree here at Kachess Lake! This is starting a weird tradition of leaving bodily parts and fluids in beautiful places!
We were totally caught off guard by a F14 Tomcat that came screaming through the woods right above the lake!! He was only a few hundred feet off the water! Scared the crud out of the kids! Then, a second one came by a little later. I caught the end of it flying by. You have to zoom in and watch for it in the trees. Then, a pair of A10 warthogs fly by! I found out the National Airforce has a daily training run that goes through here and up to Steven’s Pass. So cool!!!
Kids getting the fire going again! I love that they do that!
Getting the kayaks ready to go!
The water is so clear!! Kind of spooky when you can see 30’ down

So the plan was to paddle along the shoreline until we found spot to pull off and eat a sun ack. The problem was the shoreline was steep and rocky, and we never found anything flat enough to pull up onto. so we turned around and started heading back. I really wish we had taken the time to put the skeg on each boat so they would track better. We were launching in a shallow area and I didn’t want it to drag on either boat and figured I would just put it on when we stopped for a snack, but that never happened.

Back we go to the campground

With the rough night of sleep last night, along with the fact that we really did we set out to do, we decided to pack up and head back to the RV instead of suffering through another miserable night.

It sure is a pretty drive along I 90!

We made a stop near Bellevue Square at the store called Collectors Corner. We noticed they sell Pokémon cards and the kids love going in there. Within ate dinner at Ricardo‘s in Factoria Village. Really good Mexican food!

Day 23

It was sure nice to get a good nights rest in the RV! We slept in and then eat breakfast at Lil’ Jon’s.

We went back to the huge Goodwill in downtown Seattle. This time I was able to snap a few photos of the homeless tents everywhere. It is crazy how many there are all over downtown Seattle.

Look at all this trash on the street (and graffiti)! This is right near the REI flag ship store.

I made another attempt to go to REI, and this time I got lucky and found a parking spot. On our way out of the store, two police officers were escorting homeless people away who were asking for money as customers were leaving the store

I took my co-habitant upstairs to use the bathroom…
Mercer Island ahead
Look at all the houses crammed on the hillside! Everyone wants a view of Seattle.
Carla found the perfect thing at Goodwill!! 😄

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  1. I would LOVE to have another one of those. And they look exactly like they did 50 years ago. You lucky dog! So glad you got to do that and that the boys love them too.

  2. So sad about Seattle. Everything we knew is gone. Forever I guess. And eventually the whole country is going that way. It’ll be good for you guys to get back to the wilderness.

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