Annnd, we’re back! In a van! St. Louis

With the motorhome sold last August, we decided to also sell the Jeep Gladiator and try traveling in a MB Sprinter 4X4 144. The van will be used as a truck most of the time for Carla’s furniture flipping business, but also needs to be able to sleep all four of us when we camp. Therefore, it won’t be a full conversion, but rather a modular one where we can use it as a truck or RV as needed. So far, we love it! Still have several more modifications to do (of course!).

We went to St. Louis for a few days and took the kids to a Cardinals game! It was so much fun, aside from my allergies getting terrible and Tripp not feeling great. We left at the seventh inning stretch when the Cardinals were beating the SF Giants 14-2! After we left, we listen to the rest of the game on the radio and found that Albert Pujols decided to pitch the top of the 9th just for fun. It was a historic game! Babe Ruth was the only other player with that kind of batting average who actually pitched a game…wish we could have seen Albert take the mound.

We also got to shop at the Goodwill Bins downtown….it’s huge!!

We also ate at one of our favorite Italian restaurants – Mama’s on The Hill!

And we had to stop at Saga Toys! Tripp was in search of a Star Wars ship, and Avin was looking for some Star Wars figures.

Carla bought a little table at a thrift store and it came in handy for us to eat on the in the van, and also served as a makeshift desk since I forgot my lap desk!

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