1 Year Journey – Breaking our Record!

Today marks day 51 of our one year journey. It’s bizzarre that today I happened to calculate the number of days we’ve been traveling, because 51 days is exactly how long we were gone last year on our longest trip!  That means, as of tomorrow, we are breaking our record for the longest time in an RV!  That’s a pretty fun milestone.

We went to Magic Kingdom last night for a couple of hours, since Avin was wanting to ride a couple of rides.

More importantly, I smoked my old high score on Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin, thanks to Avin finding us another secret 100,000 point target tonight!  That’s two records that will be broken within a short amount of time!

If I can just make it to 999,999, I will hold the highest ranking possible!  I think it’s possible with a couple more tries.

This afternoon, we are heading to Green Cove Springs, FL, to pick up our accumulated mail and eat at our favorite Mexican restaurant in the Saint Augustine area (heck, it’s the best in Florida!), Cantina Louie!

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